Ayurveda is The Future of Healthcare - Dr. Himanshu Mishra


By NS Desk 02-Dec-2021

Ayurveda is The Future of Healthcare

Diabetes has become a huge concern for human health and well-being.

Medical Fraternity meet in Ludhiana

The COVID pandemic has brought the current healthcare system under the microscope. It has become necessary to debate the readiness of the current healthcare system for future situations and chronic diseases. On Sunday, November 21st the medical fraternity of Ludhiana met in a continuing medical education program organised by NirogStreet to discuss the growing concern of chronic diseases and the role of Ayurveda. The program was a huge success with more than 50 doctors and medical fraternity members from across the city attending it.

Ayurveda, Chronic Kidney Disease & Diabetes

In India, approximately more than 77 million adults have diabetes and diabetes in children is becoming a growing concern. The country is also witnessing an alarming increase in chronic kidney disease cases across the country. Ayurveda has proven successful in curtailing these challenging conditions in patients. Ayurveda in most cases has been able to deliver effective treatments without side effects.

Renowned ayurveda doctor and experts Dr. Yogesh Bansal (Kidney & Gastro) and Dr. Himanshu Mishra (Sugar specialist) addressed the doctors and medical fraternity members at the event.

Dr. Yogesh Bansal said, “Ayurveda is based on in-depth research and has a great knowledge pool. It is inherently sustainable and successful in delivering treatments, which are effective, cost-effective and do not have side effects. Ayurveda uplifts a person's overall health quotient with a holistic approach, which is not necessarily the case with other healthcare disciplines. Ayurveda has proven successful in the treatment of chronic diseases, even when other healthcare systems give up.”

Dr. Himanshu Mishra, “Diabetes has become a huge concern for human health and well-being. The rapid increase in diabetes in children is extremely worrisome. While other healthcare disciplines are unable to curtail it, Ayurveda can help in preventing and treating the condition quite successfully. Ayurvedic knowledge is a priceless gift from our heritage, which can help in saving our future. Ayurveda is the future of healthcare without a doubt.”

NirogStreet, the largest B2B2C community, has made tremendous progress in nurturing and strengthening the Ayurveda community in India by utilizing innovative and path breaking technology. It is India’s first and only technology led Ayurveda doctor platform that has dedicated its energies towards promoting the merits of Ayurveda and encouraging it as the first call of treatment not just in India but globally. NirogStreet is continuously working towards transforming the ancient science of Ayurvedic treatment to be more accessible in the modern format with evidence-based practices, authentic Ayurvedacharyas and authentic Ayurvedic medicines.
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Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.