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The Don'ts of Yoga Practice

By NS Desk | Yoga and Fitness | Posted on :   16-Sep-2021

A regular and consistent yoga practice can do wonders for your health and over well-being.

A regular and consistent yoga practice can do wonders for your health and over well-being. The pandemic has accelerated the need for physical activity, and no wonder, yoga has emerged as the preferred choice.

Sarvesh Shashi, Founder, SARVA lists the top mistakes beginner yogis often tend to make:
1. Don't over-exert yourself. If on a scale of 1 to 10 -1 being easiest and 10 being the toughest every asana need not be a 10. Some days an 8 feels like a 10 and on others, a 15 feels like an 8!
2. Don't hold your breath unnaturally unless the trainer specifically mentions this during practice. Breathe normally.
3. Avoid practicing yoga when you are exhausted, during illness, Yoga should make you feel the rush of happy hormones in the end, not entirely exhausted!
4. Do not practice alone. This one is more of a guideline. If you're a beginner, it's best to practice under someone's guidance. It is not advised to simply read and practice, it may lead to a muscle pull or discomfort. While practicing advanced postures for the first time, it's best to have someone assist you while doing these.
5. Avoid wearing tight clothes and do not wear shoes. Especially tight upper body clothing will restrict the movement of the rib cage and lung that would result in incomplete breathing.
6. Don't shower immediately, after a good sweaty workout, let the body dry normally and then shower for a normal cool-down of the body.
7. Do not perform inversion or 'feet up' asanas, during the menstruation cycle. Preferably perform relaxation and breathing techniques.
8. Do not perform any high-intensity workout post-yoga. Perform it before yoga practice for a better effect.
9. Avoid drinking too much water during the practice. You can have water at a moderate level just to overcome your thirst during practice.
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