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Ways to tackle tobacco addiction as per Ayurveda !!

By Dr Pooja Kohli | Vaidya Corner | Posted on :   31-May-2020

Ways to tackle tobacco addiction as per Ayurveda !!

In this new era drug addiction has become a major problem in the world including India & number of drug addicts is increasing day by day, so it is important for doctors  to understand the psychosomatic problems caused by drug abuse. Tobacco is also one of drugs addictive & is   dangerous for health. It   causes various diseases such as heart attacks, hypertension, stroke even cancer. Chewing of tobacco is one of the leading causes of mouth cancer. Ayurveda can play major role to decrease the adverse effects of tobacco by adopting following things:-

Intake of Adequate Water: Tobacco consumption affects the heart in various ways, however, intake of adequate water is helpful in protecting the heart from various problems. An adequate amount of water thins the blood and reduces the risk of blood clots that can lead to heart  attacks  .

Yoga and other exercises: Yoga is a form of relaxation and exercise . It helps in relieving tension and stress and helps to increase the strength and vitality without using any form of tobacco. Meditation can bring remarkable results to refresh the mind and consciousness.

Use of ayurvedic herbs:- Regular use of tobacco caused a deposition  of  nicotine,  tar  and  other  toxic   compounds   in the body to get rid of these toxic effects of Tobacco few herbs like Triphala is useful, one tablespoon of Triphala powder every day, before bedtime is helpful because it has potency to cleanse the colon and flush out the body toxins.

-  A powder of the combination of Ashwagandha, Shatavari and Bala root taken every morning is helpful in detoxification.

-  For long term effect of detoxification Panchkarma is always a good choice, according to the weather & condition of patient under observation of qualified Ayurveda doctor such people must go for panchkarma once in a year.

-  Chyavanaprash, a combination of various useful herbs, is considered to be a strong supplement for immunity boosting that helps to fight against various diseases.

-  Herbal tea is also one of the good options to use during craving of Tobacco. By taking Sip by Sip Luke warm herbal tea can help to reduce desire for Tobacco. Herbal tea can be prepared with the combination of  powder of Jatamanshi, Ashwaganda & Bhrami . One teaspoon of this powder can be taken in one cup of hot water.

-  Chewing of dry Amalaki is also the best way to reduce the urge of Tobacco. All we need to do is dry the amalaki and keep it, whenever there is craving 2 or 3 pieces can be chewed . Whenever there is a craving of chewing tobacco better to chew dry herbs like Amalaki, Ashwahgandha , Suthi etc.

-  Taking one teaspoon of ajawin can also reduce the craving of Tobacco chewing.

-  Eating 2-3 leaves every morning can reduce the ill-effects of smoking and reduces tobacco addiction.

-  In ayurveda there is a procedure called Dhoompan in which inhalation of herbal smoke is advised , the herbs will be according to the constitution of a person. Medicinal smoking, or dhoompan slowly cleanses the toxins. But, it is important to speak to an Ayurvedic practitioner before taking up this habit.

- Eat a Sattvic diet of fresh and lightly cooked foods, avoiding all processed and preserved foods. This kind of diet will increase immunity hence, increasing the resilience in dealing with withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

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Dr Pooja Kohli


M.D.(Ayurveda). Speciality in Panchkarma & treating for health issues in female patients.

Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.