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Let's be More Responsible and Safe About Surgery : Vaid Namrata Kulshrestha

By NS Desk | Vaidya Corner | Posted on :   10-Dec-2020

On November 19, a government notification listed out specific surgical procedures that a postgraduate medical student of Ayurveda must be “practically trained to acquaint with, as well as to independently perform”.

The notification has invited sharp criticism from the Indian Medical Association, which questioned the competence of Ayurveda practitioners to carry out these procedures, and called the notification an attempt at “mixopathy”. IMA has threatened to withdraw all non-essential and non-Covid services on December 11.

After this opportunity was given by the government to the Ayurveda surgeons, the work and responsibility of the Ayurveda surgeon has increased.

Keeping the same responsibility in view, according to Vaid Namrata Kulshrestha, These are the things that an Ayurveda surgeon should keep in mind while performing surgeries.

Points must be followed by Ayurveda practitioner:-

1. Friends, be in touch with each other and your seniors and Teachers. 

2. Try to refer complicated patients to more competent and experienced Ayurveda surgeons and setups.

3. Always give priority to the patient's life rather than money or your image.

4. Avoid doing complicated surgeries in the beginning.

5. Let us all try to win the faith of society which most of us have already won.

6. Let’s together prove that the government decision is worth and in favor of society.

7. Let’s not give any chance to IMA as that would mean that whenever they will come into power they will try to revert the decision.

8. Friends! Let's be more responsible and safe.

NS Desk

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Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.