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Tips to disinfect your clothes

By NS Desk | Nirog Health Tips | Posted on :   04-May-2020

Germs are everywhere - on the surfaces, in the air and around us. Every time people cough, sneeze, shake hands, touch or spit, the likelihood of germ spread is high.

Clothes can be one of the biggest carriers of germs. Therefore, everyone should take necessary precautions by implementing safe practices and an integral part of that is disinfection of clothes. Whirlpool of India gives simple tips on how to keep your clothes germ and allergen free:

Wash clothes with hot water

Hot water helps remove germs from the clothes. Washing clothes in hot water at 55-60 degrees not only cleans clothes better but also helps them get rid of being potential hosts for bacteria. Washing machines with in-built heaters are beneficial and are equipped to give customized care for clothes with the help of various multiple hot water modes like warm, hot, allergen free, etc.

Wash clothes with chemical disinfectants

If the material is not resistant to high temperatures, chemical disinfectants can be applied. Soak and disinfect the clothes with chlorine containing bleach. Turn the clothes inside out to reduce the chances of abrasion.

Note: Use laundry detergent and bleach with the help of a dispenser. Chlorine bleach should never be poured directly onto clothes in a sink or washer because it can remove colour completely and dissolve the fibres. Either add the bleach to an automatic dispenser or into the washer water before adding the load of laundry.

Always clean your washers

It is important to clean your washers occasionally as germs, bacteria and dirt gets accumulated at the bottom of the machine leading to foul odour. In case you are using the latest washing machines, they are pre-programmed to automatically clean off all the impurities left on the inner walls of the tub, at the time of spin, during every wash cycle. If not, always run your washing machine with a washing machine cleaner to remove any contaminants after every few washes

Dry clothes in the washing machine dryer

Washer dryers are designed to remove moisture from wet clothes as damp clothes can become a breeding ground for germs. Therefore, ensure you run a dry cycle of clothes in the washing machine to aid efficient cleaning. New washing machines have multiple levels of drying options to take care of different fabric type

Steam clean clothes

Steam cleaning clothes can also help remove bacteria from your clothes. It provides a gentle finish to the clothes and acts as a trusted sanitiser. Realising the benefits of steam cleaning, it is the latest in washing machines with SteamCare technology that helps remove up to 99 percent bacteria and allergens, ensuring clean and fresh clothes every time.

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