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The Right Way to Use Hing to Shed Kilos

By NS Desk | Nirog Health Tips | Posted on :   07-Dec-2020

Hing, also called asafoetida is a regular spice applied in Indian dishes. From cooking tadka dal to cooking simple veggies, just a pinch of hing picks up the flavor of the food's various notches.


Hing is mainly a latex gum that is an excerption from several species of a perennial herb called ferula. Its strong flavor and fragrance are what makes it a must-have in curries and dals.


Hing has been used in traditionary medicines since time immemorial and it's a known fact that it is a stockroom of health advantages. All thanks to its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, sedative, and diuretic properties, hing is really a magic remedy.


Hing Water Drink
Hing water helps to give a much-needed boost to your metabolism which afore helps in weight loss. A metabolic is at a higher rate it means better digestion and quicker weight loss. It is contained with antioxidants, which is why common consumption of hing water can defend your body from free fiery.


It is totally simple to ready yourself for a glass of hing water. First, take a glass of lukewarm water and use one-fourth of a pinch of hing in it. Mix well and intake this drink especially on a devoid stomach. You can also put a pinch of turmeric to this, as that too helps in quicker weight loss.


Uncountable Benefits- Stomach Problems
Say the word "goodbye" to issues like bloating, gas, and stomach ache by including hing in your diet. After-meal, do one thing just take half a teaspoon of ajwain, add a pinch of halite, along with a pinch of hing, and dram down with lukewarm water. This is one of the most helpful home remedies that work like magic and you will get comfort within minutes.


Lowers Blood Pressure
Hing is a natural helper of blood thinner which may help in abidance your blood pressure under check. People who are dealing with high blood pressure must add hing in their routine diet to helping their BP levels under the limit.

Hing includes coumarin which helps to improve blood flow and prevents the formation of clots.


Respiratory System Issues
Diseases like bronchitis, chest congestion, and asthma could be down by adding hing as a home remedy. Just add and mix some honey, hing, and ginger powder. Intake of this mixture three-four times a day.


Insects Bites
Rightful to its anti-inflammatory properties, hing can instantly calm the pain of insect stings and bites. You need to add a pinch of hing with a little garlic paste and put it where an insect bite. This remedy will not only calm the pain but also cure swelling and redness.


For more chronic cases, this home remedy might just bring changeable relief that's we suggest you always why a doctor’s suggestion might be necessary.

NS Desk

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