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Safety precautions for kids during Holi

By NS Desk | Nirog Health Tips | Posted on :   11-Mar-2020

Kids enjoy Holi the most. But colours can be harsh for their skin and eyes. We list out a few safety precautions to keep in mind by Amrita Manku, expert at Momspresso.

Use eco-friendly colours

Use herbal, natural and skin friendly colours, as these colours are easy to wash off and cause no damage to the skin. You can also make your own colour for kids by mixing aataa or maida with haldi for a yellow, sindoor for red, crushed rose petals for a blush pink. You can also use different food colours for more shades.


It is essential to apply coconut oil on their hair and waterproof moisturizer on their face, before stepping out.

Wear full sleeves

Make them full sleeves shirts or t-shirts and leggings that cover your kid's legs fully, so that their sensitive body parts are not exposed to harmful colours.

Wear sunglasses

Protect your kid's eyes by making them wear sunglasses. If colour enter the eyes, immediately rinse with cold water. Wearing a bandana on the forehead can also be helpful for kids.

Avoid harsh soaps

Try using baby shampoos and soap to get rid of the colours, avoid using harsh soaps and shampoos which will only spoil your kid's skin. Make a homemade simple paste to remove the colour and to ensure smooth skin which is not flaky and dry. For this mix besan with honey, a pinch of haldi and raw milk, make a paste and apply it all over, leave it for 10 minutes and scrub it off with lukewarm water for an easy removal.  (IANSlife)

NS Desk

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