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Protect your baby's skin during season change

By NS Desk | Nirog Health Tips | Posted on :   17-May-2020

Owing to the changing weather conditions babies have become more susceptible to infections. At times, the sudden rise or fall of temperature takes a toll on their skin as well.

To protect your little one from multiple skin problems, experts at Cetaphil Baby India suggest these precautionary measures that can be taken for your baby's well being.

Look out for products with Calendula

Calendula oil is a natural oil extracted from marigold flowers (Calendula officinalis). This herbal plant is considered a useful ingredient in baby products due to its anti-inflammatory property which naturally heals cuts, wounds, and other inflammatory skin diseases.

Keep your baby warm

While summer is here, don't get your child to take off all the layers. Ease the layers slowly, keeping track of the temperature. Post that, massage the baby with a massage oil to keep the skin soft and supple. This will also avoid the skin from getting rough due to bad weather conditions.

Use a mild body wash

Babies are more prone to get affected with rough skin due to harsh chemical content in the soap bars. Hence, to keep your baby at bay from these harmful surfacants, go for a mild body wash which is mild and has a skin friendly pH.

Opt for fragrance free products

Babies need special skin care products for their delicate, sensitive skin since some fragrance chemicals are mild irritants that can cause discomfort, rashes, redness, dryness, and itchiness for babies, even those with normal skin.

Zero compromise on hygiene

It is important for parents to bear in mind that exposure to an infected person or a dirty surrounding can easily get their baby sick. While it's easy to keep them away from crowded places during self isolation, try and avoid hospitals. Use sanitiser before touching the baby whenever you are out or at home.

If your baby develops any unusual skin condition, make sure you take precaution and speak to your pediatrician immediately through online consultation facilities .(Agency)

NS Desk

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