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Haldi, Too Much? 7 Things That Could Happen If You Have Turmeric Every Day

By NS Desk | Nirog Health Tips | Posted on :   07-Dec-2020

A nutritious diet and an optimum working immunity system can never go wrong. If you have a healthy immune system, your body can protect you from any disorder, even the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. While as of now, there is neither any vaccine available nor proven home remedy to safeguard you from the COVID-19, there are some vitamins and foods which you can infuse into your diet to have a strong immune system and in turn, fight the transmissible disease.

The golden spice turmeric is called for its anti-phlogistic and anti-oxidant properties. Curcumin, the enclosure present in turmeric is a very ergastic agent and aids in the medication of injury and infections. This is the cause, it is often suggested to have turmeric milk.

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Aside from giving curry its prompt yellow color, turmeric has a long history of medicative use as well. Over the years, furthermore, science has undercover the profits that it supply for overall well being.

Also mentioned as the golden spice of India, Turmeric is called for its anti-phlogistic and antioxidant competency. The main enclosure in this popular Indian spice is curcumin, which is amenable for its vibrant color and most of its believable health profits.

Many studies evince that having turmeric is better for the body as well as the brain, conferred you consume it on a regular basis. Here we will tell you what will get if you add this spice to your daily meal.

You Lose Some Weight
For all those trying to cut down some inches from the waistline, turmeric is the solution to your problem. The active enclosure in the spice, curcumin is considered to detract the Body mass index (BMI). It may detract obesity-related swelling in the body and speed up the fat-burning process.

Cholesterol Level Will Be Balanced
High cholesterol is normal among old age people. It is a dangerous situation as it can lead to grievous health patchwork like a heart attack. This yellow spice that we normally use to prepare Indian curry can cut down the risk of both- cardiac problems and high cholesterol.

Your Mood Will Be Better
Turmeric can also glisten up your boring and dull day. Studies evince that enhancing the consumption of this golden spice when suffering from depression can be entirely helpful. It may not only detract from the signs of anxiety and depression but may also lift your mood.

Your Blood Sugar Level Will Be In Check
When had in an average amount, the popular Indian spice can help to get your blood sugar level back to common. A study popularizes in the Journal of Nutrition & Intermediary Metabolism advises that turmeric may work as a hypoglycemic agent lowering and helping manage blood glucose in people dealing with type 2 diabetes. It is also emphatic in preventing other health-related problems reasoned due to diabetes.

Your Skin Problem Can Be Detracted
Be it acne, psoriasis, or eczema, consuming this yellow spice every day can help to change a variety of skin situations. The antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory competency of turmeric help to pull off skin-related problems and it may make your skin supple and blemish-free.

It May Defend You From Free Radicals
Our body generates free radicals during aerobic cell metabolism. When the amount of radicals proceeds the common point then it leads to chronic health situations like arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's. Curcumin, the properties present in turmeric is known to scrub on these free radicals, cutting down the risk of developing different issues.

How Should Be Careful When Consuming Turmeric
Turmeric when added to food is normally safe. It is problematic when you intake the supplement without consulting an expert. The property curcumin is present in reference form in a supplement, which may be serious for people dealing with kidney problems, breastfeeding women, pregnant and type 2 diabetes, also for people consuming blood-thinning medicine.

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