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Winters In-Time To Care For Your Hair!

By NS Desk | Nirog Health Tips | Posted on :   31-Oct-2017

Winters can be so very harsh and merciless on your hair giving you that unwanted dryness, split-ends, dry scalp and flaky shoulders in your most coveted beauties. So the need of the season becomes to pamper your hair with lots and lots of nourishment and care. Also, you need to make sure that you follow a regular balanced diet because health from within will only is reflected outside. To get flawless healthy lustrous hair, a holistic approach should be followed. Mere external applications of products are not sufficient for getting benefits in the long run.

The following are a few tricks that you should embrace in order to get beautiful, strong, long, and healthy hair.

  • The best way to cleanse your hair in winter is to use a mixture of two shampoos – one anti-dandruff, and the other a nourishment expert. This is because anti-dandruff shampoos are needed to get rid of the scalp flakes and they leave your hair really dry. So you need to counter that with some nourishing blends so that you get the necessary moisture that was lost earlier.
  • Now no matter how good your shampoo is at nourishing, it does end up in eliminating all moisture, especially in winters. So your next step would be applying a good conditioner. Do not skip on a conditioner especially in winters. If you want to avoid commercial conditioners, make hair masks at home. You could use bananas, eggs, soaked fenugreek, curd or black tea for natural conditioning.
  • Try following your cleansing routine regularly. This is because in winters it takes no time for the moisture to escape. Once moisture escapes, dandruff steps in and that leads to hair fall. Thus keep your hair moisturized to prevent hair fall and so cleanse and moisturize more frequently.
  • If you face acute hair fall problems, try out the turban therapy. Dip a towel in warm water and wrap your hair in it like a turban. Keep it on for some time so that the roots of your hair get warmth. Then make sure you dry your hair well before trying it again.
  • Another good hair therapy is to apply warm oil to the scalp and massage well before you shampoo. Now the basic function of any oil is to moisturize so you could choose any oil for that almond, coconut, jojoba, or a mixture of any – the one that suits your hair.
  • Give your hair nice oil massages that don’t just relax you but also are great for your scalp. Do not put excessive oil and go out. That is because once your hair is sticky; it would magnet all sorts of dirt and pollution.
  • In winters, if you need to put on caps or hoodies, make sure you leave your hair open for some time at regular intervals. That will allow your scalp pores to breathe and the sweat to dry out. It’s necessary because the sweat would eventually lead to hair fall.
  • If using a hairdryer, make sure you don’t overheat your hair. That would again make it dry and you would have to bear the not-so-welcomed consequences.
  • Now if you are healthy from within, it would reflect in your hair. Maintain a good healthy diet, full of natural oils and healthy carbs so that you get beautiful hair all winter. Get more citruses and dairy products to balance your Vata Dosha which takes care of your hair.

So basically, in winters, you need to escape dryness and embrace moisture. follow these to have a good hair day, every day!

NS Desk

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