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Easy Tips to Treat Dark Spots on Your Body

By NS Desk | Nirog Health Tips | Posted on :   08-Jun-2021

If you are someone prone to pigmentation, then you might know the struggle of getting rid of dark spots. Recurring and stubborn dark spots can take a toll on self-confidence, and get worse with time without proper treatment.

While many over-the-counter creams claim to fade away dark spots within a matter of days, there is no such magical potion to clear your skin instantly unless you eliminate the cause behind it. Pigmentation occurs due to an excess amount of melanin production in the skin cells, triggered by sun exposure, hormonal changes, poor diet, medical conditions, use of certain products, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or environmental conditions.

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Here are seven tips to easily treat dark spots on your body for a bright and clear complexion.

Wear broad-spectrum sunscreen

UV radiation coming from the sun induces the production of melanin, which results in tanning. However, sun exposure can also exaggerate post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, resulting in the darkening of the brown spots. Therefore, make sure to add sunscreen to your skincare routine 365 days a year to prevent intensifying pigmented marks. Also, physical protection is more effective than using sunscreen, so make sure to wear a hat, scarf, or even use an umbrella when you are outdoors. Try to limit spending hours in the sun for long hours to prevent exacerbating the skin issue.

Include Antioxidants in The Diet

Consume antioxidant-rich foods such as colored fruit, vegetables, berries, dark chocolate, etc. to even out your skin complexion. Antioxidants promote collagen production, repair acne marks faster, increase cell turnover, and lead to a brighter complexion.

Drink an Adequate Amount of Water

Dark spots are sometimes caused by a lack of hydration, so consuming an adequate amount of water can do wonders for your skin. Drinking water can provide a natural barrier for skin from pollutants and heal the skin faster, resulting in a flawless complexion.


Make sure to gently exfoliate your skin at least twice a week to diminish the appearance of dark spots. Choose alpha-hydroxy acids-based exfoliators that work to improve skin by removing top layers of the skin and remove dead cells to reveal healthy and glowing skin.

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Use Turmeric on Your Dark Spots

Packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits, turmeric has been shown to inhibit the skin's melanin production. Topical application of turmeric on dark spots can help to lighten hyperpigmentation and prevent the occurrence of acne.

Apply Night Cream

The skin repairs and rejuvenates while you take your beauty sleep. So, make sure to apply a night cream with a high concentration of antioxidants, Vitamin E, Kojic acid, Azelaic acid, Glycolic When your body has the right vitamins in the right quantities, the health of the skin cells improves rapidly and it radiates from within. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin E are some of the best vitamins for lightening dark spots. Generally, vitamin skin treatment starts showing results but to know the right vitamins as per your skin type, take advice from a certified dermatologist.

Develop Healthy Skincare Habits

Make sure to cleanse your skin twice a day to remove dirt and dead skin layer. Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep so that your skin has ample time to heal. Quit bad habits like excessive drinking and smoking for glowing skin.

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