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6 Ayurvedic Tips To Keep The Body Cool In Summer Naturally!

By NS Desk | Nirog Health Tips | Posted on :   02-Apr-2021

We all have dealt with summer heat and have hated it most of the time- skin explosions, sweat, and dehydration, summers are mostly about these problems. However, thanks to Ayurveda that practices the science of natural health and has a lot to offer. Summer is hot, bright, and sharp, the season of pitta. Thus, it is recommended to keep cool and not allow pitta dosha to become aggravated.

It is important to consume more basic foods to fight the heat in the body. Eat water-rich foods that will not only re-hydrate your body but also have antioxidants that keep you healthy. Consume onions, green vegetables and drink lots of water. Basically, you should ensure that no dryness instills it as it may heat the body causing various health problems.

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Here are some Ayurvedic tips to keep cool this summer make sure you follow them to beat the heat.

1. Eat Pitta Pacifying Foods

As per Ayurveda, you must ensure eating foods that cool your body and give you relief from excessive heat. Load up on water-rich fruits like watermelon, pears, apples, plums, berries, and prunes. Pick vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cucumber.

2. Avoid Foods That Heat You Up

Avoid foods that will produce heat in your body and become hazardous. Avoid sour fruits, citrus fruits, beetroots, and carrots that tend to heat your body. Limit the intake of garlic, chili, tomato, sour cream, and salted cheese to avoid hampering your system. Eat more salads, as they are cooling, especially when eaten for lunch. Try avoiding dark meats as they heat your body.

3. Eat At The Right Time

Always eat when your digestive fire is at its strongest, which is during lunch (mid-day). Missing your lunch during summers is equal to upsetting your pitta dosha, making you feel irritated and cranky.

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4. Bring Coconut Oil To Your Rescue

According to the book, in the morning, rub 5-6 ounces of coconut oil on your body before taking a bath as a part of your daily routine. It gives a calming, cooling, and soothing effect to the skin. You can use sunflower oil alternatively.

5. Avoid Hot Drinks Or Hot Water

Drinking hot beverages will invite an upset pitta dosha. This is why you must always choose to drink beverages at room temperature to balance them.

6. Avoid Ice Cold Drinks

Ice-cold drinks only inhibit digestion and create toxins, also known as ama in the body. Your digestive system has a digestive fire that is responsible for converting food into energy. Drinking chilled is almost like putting off the digestive fire causing various health problems.
Go on and follow these important Ayurvedic tips to keep cool to beat the heat. Happy Summers!

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