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See Wonderful Results When Patients Are Treated With Accuracy: Prof. Geeta Singal

By NS Desk | Interviews | Posted on :   20-Apr-2018

Prof. Geeta Singal is the principal of Ayujyoti Ayurvedic College Jodhpuria, Sirsa, Haryana. She is a seasoned Ayurveda expert and a devoted teacher. She spoke to Nirogstreet about her experiences and Ayurveda's journey so far. Read Prof. Geeta Singal’s interview below.

Prof. Singal, please tell us about your professional background.

I studied B.A.M.S. at Shri Krishna Govt. College, Kurukshetra, Haryana. Besides, I also have an M.A. in Sanskrit, M.D. in Sidhant and Darshan, and PH.D. In Samhita and Sidhant. I am currently designated as the principal and teach basic principles.

Why did you choose Ayurveda?

I did my B.A.M.S. as well as M.D. (Ayurveda) with a motive to treat people through Ayurveda. I have seen wonderful results when patients are treated with accuracy. Yes, there are some areas where we are still helpless, for example, brain clot, etc.

What is your experience when it comes to treating patients? Do they trust the treatment?

I treated particular patients only as per my knowledge. Very few could not get well. Most of them came again whenever they fell sick. I think they were satisfied. I am also fully content with the response and feel confident that nobody comes without trust.

Any challenge that you face as a practitioner?

Due to non-availability of ICU, I avoid heart attack cases or unconscious patients. I accept that I am unable to handle them. Similarly, low birth babies and preterm babies are also challenging. Gestational Diabetes, Preeclampsia, Epilepsy in Pregnancy, etc are complex too.

Any out of ordinary situation that you have faced while treating a patient?

Patient with pain due to Cholelithiasis, Renal Calculus, Ectopic Pregnancy, Asthmatic Attack, etc. Can prove to be difficult cases.

How effective is traditional medicine as a cure?

Traditional medicine as cure is very much better if applied after proper diagnosis and if the patients follow the regimen and restrictions.

What do you think of Ayurveda’s future and its role in integrated medicine?

Future of Ayurveda shall be much better if practitioners seriously follow Ayurveda rules and regulations as per the Samhitas. Sixty to seventy percent patients can be treated easily through Ayurveda therapy. At the same time modern medicine is also able to treat 70-80 percent. Integrated approach can work well.

Do you think Nirogstreet is making a difference by striving to connect the mainstream society exclusively to Ayurveda practitioners through dedicated technology platforms?

Of course, Nirogstreet is doing important work for the betterment of Ayurveda people and society.

Any hobbies or activities you engage in, outside your professional life?

I like to guide people toward Adhyatm and Yoga. I also tell them about diet and recipes as per diseases.

What message would you like to convey to the people on Wellbeing?

I’d like to say, follow Dinacharya, Ritucharya, Yoga, and avoid the race for money. Concentrate on moral values.

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