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Shankhpushpi Health Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects

By NS Desk | Herbs | Posted on :   22-Dec-2020

Shankhpushpi Health Benefits: Shankhpushpi is a multipurpose herb found in India. It is an Asian flower that blooms post-summer and mid-monsoon. Shankhpushpi is also considered a part of herbal medicine. All the parts of this flower are used as a medicine for Ayurveda treatments. Its roots, stem, and flower consist of high medicinal properties. This herb is extremely beneficial, and it is used for its wide range of therapeutic benefits. Shankhpushpi is also an edible flower that is used to calm one's mind. This herb contains powerful antioxidants that help with concentration and calming the brain. It can be beneficial for students who are preparing for exams. This herb could also help people suffering from mental health issues and to cure various diseases. Shankhpushpi is also known as an all-in-one herb since it works on different systems of the body.
The Origin of Shankhpushpi
Shankhpushpi is known as the 'heavenly plant ' brought to the earth. Shankhpushpi is a nutritive multipurpose herb whose botanical name is Convolvulus Pluricaulis. It is later named Shankhpushpi, derived from its shape. This herb flower is conch or shankh shaped, also known as shell-shaped. Shankhpushpi varies from Blue flowers and White flowers.
Shankhpushpi's traditional uses are also followed to the date. It is also found to be useful in various Ayurvedic actions: Medhya, which promotes intellect. Unmadhagna, an Ayurveda action, alleviates emotional and mental vulnerability with the help of Shankhpushpi. Nidrajana, by his name it promotes good sleep by the consumption of this herb.Lastly, Rasayni energizes the body. Shankhpushpi is discovered to be of great help while treating mental health issues. High properties of antioxidants in it has proved to be the reason for improved memory capacity, concentration, calmness, and alertness in an individual.
Mental Health Benefits of Shankhpushpi
● Benefits in improved memory capacity
The major bioactive components in this herb are known to have a calming effect on the brain by regulating the body's production of stress hormones and adrenaline. Metabolites inShankhpushpi contributes to enhancing the memory capacity of an individual.
The ethanolic extracts of Shankhpushpi have been known to improve learning and memory and induce antioxidant effects. It helps in enhancing memory by increasing neurite growth. It can be consumed daily. Intake of Shankhpushpi powder with a glass of water can do wonders in boosting your memory.
● Helping with Insomnia Issues
Insomnia is a health issue that is caused by deprivation of sleep. Uneven amount of sleep could increase the possibility of insomnia. However, the properties in Shankhpushpi enable the brain to calm and help to sleep peacefully.
Shankhpushpi helps reduce the levels of cortisol in our body, which are learned to be a stress hormone, thereby reducing stress and improving the quality and the duration of sleep. Drink a spoonful ofShankhpushpi powder with milk before going to bed. It helps in regulating metabolism, inducing sleep. It's relaxing properties calms the body helping in treating Insomnia.
● Helping with Epilepsy disorder
Epilepsy disorder is treatable but cannot be cured unless treated at the early stages.Shankhpushpi is an excellent herb that enhances brain power and memory. Shankhpushpi is known for its calming effect, and it does just that. It treats mental issues by calming the brain and alarming thoughts.
Epilepsy disorder is caused by stress and less amount of sleep. The herbs in Shankhpushpi calm the nerves in the brain, thereby reducing anxiety attacks, stress, and depression. Although it might not cure the disorder, it definitely helps to lower the risk of epilepsy. Consuming Shankhpushpi Can prevent the destruction of neurons and improves cognitive function.
● Improves Digestion
The mild anti-inflammatory nature of Shankhpushpi helps in the digestion process. The properties found in this herb is extremely beneficial for digestion. It boosts the digestive juices so that they can absorb essential nutrients and helps in improving digestion. It also treats symptoms from fluid retention that is abdominal pain, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel movement.
Shankhpushpi has been used traditionally to treat indigestion, constipation, and piles. It's Laxative extracts avoid fluid retention and help in digestion in the body. It acts as an antiemetic for the digestive system in our body.
Shankhpushpi has been an effective method to treat neural diseases. Its Medhya properties have been useful to improve intellect; thus, it helps with people suffering from ADHD. ADHDsometimes can be aggressive in a child. The bioactive component in Shankhpushpi can help the mental restlessness and impulsive behavior in a child. Although it cannot be curable completely, it does reduce the chances of aggressive behavior.
Shankhpushpi helping patients with high blood pressure
Shankhpushpi makes an effective remedy for people having high blood pressure or hypertension. The active components in Shankhpushpi tighten the cardiovascular muscles reducing the levels of high blood pressure or strokes.
Treating high blood pressure at an early stage can be beneficial. Experts say that high blood pressure can be lowered by opting for Ayurveda action. Shankhpushpi is the best option for lowering high blood pressure easily and naturally at home. It is more effective if a daily dosage of Shankhpushpi also follows some physical exercise.
Precautions should be taken care of while using Shankhpushpi
Taking a daily dosage of Shankhpushpi could be beneficial, but without proper prescription and the dosage, that could lead to many other problems.
● For patients with heart disease
Ayurveda Experts
Shankhpushpi has active properties in reducing blood pressure. For patients suffering from heart disease, consuming Shankhpushpi could be harmful. So, to prevent this, consult with your doctor and intake only the prescribed amount. One should also monitor your blood pressure after taking your regular medicine and the daily dosage of Shankhpushpi.
● Women that are Pregnant
Ayurveda Experts
Ideally, Shankhpushpi is considered good for women that are pregnant. It strengthens the uterus muscle and prevents miscarriages. Although, without consulting a doctor before takingShankhpushpi could be harmful.
For women that have frequent miscarriages should create a mixture of Shankhpushpi andAshwagandha as their daily dosage. (Should consult a doctor for the proper amount of dosage).
● Women that Breastfeed
Ayurveda experts
Women that breastfeed should always consult a doctor before taking Shankhpushpi.
Different ways of Shankhpushpi with the recommended amount of dosage.
Shankhpushpi is one of the effective options in Ayurveda Treatment. Shankhpushpi is available in the form of tablets, powder, and tonic. Every form of Shankhpushpi has proved to be effective in mental health and diseases. 
1. Shankhpushpi Powder with Milk
Shankhpushpi is available in the form of powder for those who do not prefer tablets or capsules. You could take half a teaspoon or a spoonful into a glass of lukewarm milk. You can take this in the morning to boost your memory capacity and concentration.
You could follow the recommended dosage from above, or you could consult a doctor and follow the prescribed amount of dosage.
2. Shankhpushpi Juice with Water
Another form of Shankhpushpi you could take daily. Take 2-3 teaspoons of Shankhpushpi juice and dilute it to one glass of water. Taking this twice a day daily could reduce the risk of frequent seizure or epilepsy.
Please do not take more than the recommended amount; it might cause Diarrhea and stomach aches.
3. Shankhpushpi Capsule
Shankhpushpi is also available in the form of capsules to treat mental health and other diseases. Take one or two capsules a day, preferably after lunch or dinner. You could take this with water or milk. 
Do not take more than 2 capsules in a day unless recommended by your doctor.
4. Shankhpushpi Tablets
Find it difficult to swallow capsules? Shankhpushpi is also available in Tablets. Swallow one or two tablets in a day with water or milk after your meals for faster effect.
Do not take tablets with hot water as it might lose its medicinal value. Take this with warm water or milk. 
Beauty Benefits of Shankhpushpi with the recommended dosage
Shankhpushpi plays a vital role in maintaining skin health. It nourishes deep within and lets you have that radiant glow. Its Antioxidant properties could treat various infections or allergic reactions like acne, sunburn, etc. Apart from its healing properties, it naturally treats aging, wrinkles, pigmentation, etc. 
● Fights against Wrinkles
Aging or high levels of stress cause wrinkles. Fortunately, Shankhpushpi is a solution to both problems. Shankhpushpi's calming effect could reduce stress, and its antioxidants could replenish your skin. It seeps deep in the cells absorbing unnecessary oils. It also helps to remove dead cells and moisturize your skin. 
Make a thick paste by adding ½ - 1 teaspoon of Shankhpushpi powder and honey or milk.
Apply the paste to your face and neck.
Keep it on for 20-30 minutes, and you could feel all the toxins pulled away from your face.
After the lather on your face dries, wash it off with plain cool water. 
Take only ½ or 1 teaspoon of Shankhpushpi powder before applying it to the skin or as per your requirement.
● Fights against Acne
Acne and pimples are prone to appear on sensitive and oily skin. This could happen because of an allergic reaction to a product or clogging of pores. Unnecessary oils or frequent changes in products could lead to red pimples that are highly inflammatory. Shankhpushpi could help to reduce clogged pores and acne. This is possible because of its healing and cooling properties.
—You can repeat the procedures mentioned above to get rid of Acne too. 
—You can follow the recommended dosage, or you can take it as per your needs. Apply this fresh paste to your skin 2-3 times a week to see the changes. 
● Shankhpushpi for hair
Shankhpushpi is known for its rejuvenating component. Shankhpushpi oil could control hair fall and grey hair. 
—Take a few drops of Shankhpushpi oil on your palms.
—Apply throughout your hair and massage your scalp.
—You can repeat the same procedure for premature greying of the hair.
Repeat this procedure whenever you are going through stress or when you feel anxious.
● Healing of the wounds
The healing nature of Shankhpushpi turns out good for healing wounds. It reduces the skin inflammation and irritability of the skin. This herb's natural ingredients make the healing process quicker than usual. 
—Take ½ -1 teaspoon of Shankhpushpi powder and add it to one or two cups of water.
—Boil the mixture until the water in the bowl reaches 1 cup.
—Take the mixture off the stove and clean the wound once or twice daily. It helps the wound stay bacteria-free and heals quicker.
Precautions to be taken care of while using Shankhpushpi on the body
—Ayurveda Experts recommend using Shankhpushpi oil directly to your skin; it is better to dilute it first with any oil like Coconut oil. In case of any allergic reactions while using Shankhpushpi leaves or stem, make sure to mix it with products that also contain Anti-inflammatory properties like Honey or milk.
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Can Shankhpushpi powder harsh on the skin?
No, Shankhpushpi is made from natural ingredients. Shankhpushpi is a plant-based Ayurvedic product. It is made by crushing the entire body of the plant. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which are cool by nature. You could always mix this powder with Honey or milk before applying it to the face in case of any irritation or allergy. 
Are there any side effects from consuming Shankhpushpi powder?
There are no side effects if the right amount of dosage has been consumed. You could take the recommended amount of dosage, that is ½ -1 teaspoon of Shankhpushpi powder, and then mix it with milk or water. You can also add honey as a treat for your taste buds. If taken more than the recommended amount, it can upset your stomach. You can also consult your doctor about the amount of dosage and follow the prescribed dosage only. 
What are Doshas?
—Doshas are Ayurvedic terms. There are three doshas in Ayurveda: Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. These are three energy forces in our life. Vatta is known as the force of movement. Pitta is known as the energy force of digestion and increasing metabolism. Lastly, Kapha is known for the formation of the body's structure. Shankhpushpi has combined forces of the three. Shankhpushpi helps in calming the mind, improving indigestion, and building our body's structure. 
Where can I shop for Shankhpushpi Products?
—Shankhpushpi is available in the near Ayurveda Market and also on various online platforms. It is available in the form of powder, tablets, and capsules for internal consumption. For external usage, you can shop for Shankhpushpi oil. You can also shop Shankhpushpi on amazon to avail some offers or discounts.

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