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Paneer: Health Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects

By NS Desk | Herbs | Posted on :   19-Dec-2020

Cheese lovers!!! This is especially for you. Paneer is nothing but like chicken to all the vegetarians in India.
Paneer is a kind of Cheese. The other name for Paneer is "Cottage Cheese." It is made by curdling milk with acid that is derived from fruit or vegetable like lemon juice or citric acid. People in India widely use paneer. It is eaten either raw or cooked. Most of the delicious Indian vegetarian dishes are made with paneer. Kids to adults are all fans of Paneer.
There are a lot of benefits that one can attain by consuming the delicious cottage cheese. It is an animal-based product. And there are also different kinds of paneer available.
These can be easily made at home or can be bought from outside. A lot of brands manufacture the Indian Cottage Cheese for immediate use. This makes the job of people who cook easier.
The Etymology of the Word “Paneer”
When one loves paneer, it is very important to know Paneer's etymology and why it is called so. The word "Paneer” is derived from the Hindi and Urdu language. It is termed as Panīr in Hindi and Urdu language, which is derived from the Persian term “panir” meaning "Cheese." That is how the word Paneer originated in the English language. 
Historical Uses of Paneer
The origination of the paneer is not clear. There are numerous speculations for its origination.  This has been widely used during the Mughal Empire and also during the Delhi Sultanate. This was a period when it was developed widely. 
Various people have used paneer for various reasons as it has numerous benefits in consuming it. People used this in the earlier days for strengthening their bones and teeth. It helps the people consuming it to have a proper and healthy digestive system.
Paneer was and is still being used by people all over the world and especially by people in India. 
Benefits of Using Paneer in Ayurvedic Treatment
As I said earlier, the consumption of paneer has innumerable benefits. People of all ages can consume this. For people who are vegetarians or vegans and hate to eat kind of vegetables, this becomes your go-to option. The super-soft texture of paneer makes people love it so much.
Moreover, we people enjoy eating paneer as it is healthy for our bodies. As it is rich in protein, paneer makes the bones strong and strengthens our teeth if one eats paneer. Paneer is not easy to melt. And also, it is a non-aging animal-based product. This has been widely used in the Ayurvedic treatment as well for better results. For people with blood sugar, paneer is very healthy as it has a low carbohydrate content.
Treating diseases or health issues with the help of Paneer
This scrumptious Paneer is used in treating a lot of health issues and diseases. It is an added advantage for those eating paneer. You enjoy the meal as well as make your body healthy and active by eating it. Let us now look at how paneer is used in treating diseases from both the Scientific point of view and from the Ayurvedic point of view. 
● Weak bones and teeth



Since paneer is rich in protein and enriched with calcium and phosphorous, it strengthens our body's bones and teeth. It acts as a building block to our bodies.

There is no proper and enough information about paneer used in Ayurvedic treatment. But it is believed that the regular consumption of paneer helps strengthen bones and teeth in our body.

● Improper Digestive System



Due to the presence of digestive fiber, in a good amount, in paneer, it helps people by making the digestive system healthy.

According to Ayurveda, paneer's daily consumption helps to improve the Kapha property and helps prevent indigestion, and maintains proper nutrition in the body.

● Arthralgia



Based on a few scientific experiments conducted, it is said that the presence of calcium and phosphorus in paneer it prevents all kinds of Joint pains or Arthralgia.

In Ayurveda, it is believed that if there is an imbalance of Vata dosha, it may cause joint pains. And so, the paneer helps by balancing the Vata in a body.

● Weight-loss



Consumption of raw paneer enhances the process of weight loss. Due to the presence of linoleic acid, it helps to burn all the fats in a body.

According to Ayurveda, an improper balance of meda dhatu makes the body obese. Eating paneer helps one to balance meda dhatu properly and helps in weight loss.

Forms of Paneer in Ayurveda With Recommended Dosage
Although The Indian Cottage Cheese has innumerable benefits, it is advised that it be taken in a limited and a recommended dosage. Too much consumption of Paneer is not good for our bodies. There are not many different forms of paneer. The two main forms are:
● Raw Paneer: consume it with black pepper or can be added to the salads. 
● Cooked Paneer: any form of cooked paneer before 1 hour or at any time of the day.
Types of Ayurvedic Care with Paneer
1. Raw Paneer: 
As raw paneer has a low amount of fat and calories, it can be consumed raw. This helps people who wish to lose weight. 
- Take a little amount of paneer.
- Add black pepper to it for better taste. 
- Consume it for breakfast or dinner or as snacks. But only twice a day. 
2. Cooked Paneer: 
People who hate to eat raw paneer can eat it after cooking nicely. There are various dishes made of paneer, such as Paneer butter masala, Paneer Tikka Masala, etc.
- Eat a little amount of cooked paneer in any dish.
- Eat only twice a day and not more than that. 
Side Effects of Paneer
Even though paneer or the Indian Cottage Cheese has many benefits, it also has a few side effects. In case if one has a sensitive or weak digestive system, consumption of paneer has the following effects:
● Bloating
● Gas
● Diarrhea
● Stomach ache 
It is better if one consults his or her doctor before consuming too much paneer as people allergic to milk can negatively affect them.
Precautionary Guide while using Paneer
For people with high cholesterol
- View of Science Experts
People with high cholesterol are advised to take paneer in less amount to increase cholesterol even more.
For pregnant women
- View of science experts
The pregnant ladies should eat the cooked form of paneer as it is easily digested. Raw paneer is not advisable as it is a tad difficult to digest.
Frequently Asked Question About Paneer
Which form of paneer is good for health?
Both raw and cooked form of paneer is good for health as the raw form helps one reduce weight while the cooked form of paneer helps one strengthen bones and teeth.
When can one consume paneer?
One should consume paneer only twice a day as too much paneer consumption can have a bad effect on people.

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