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Muskmelon Health Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects

By NS Desk | Herbs | Posted on :   21-Dec-2020

Muskmelon Health Benefits: Muskmelon is a very popular fruit in the Indian subcontinent. It is commonly grown in the southern part of the country and is consumed by people everywhere. Various names know the Muskmelon. Some of the commonly used names for Muskmelon are Kharbooja, Madhuphaka, Kharbuj, Sweet Melon, Kakri, Chibdu, and so on. The Muskmelon fruit is round in shape with a light dirty green body. The inside of the fruit is a dull orange.


The fruit is very sweet and refreshing, especially during summers. It has high water content and can be used to make delicious and nutritious juices. Apart from its refreshing nature, Muskmelon is also said to be a fruit with curative properties. Muskmelon is extremely nutritious. It is rich in Vitamins and can be very beneficial for eye health. It is also considered beneficial for the skin and can help to keep it hydrated and healthy. Ayurveda strongly asserts that Muskmelon has a lot of useful properties which can help to cure diseases.


Properties of Muskmelon

Ayurveda and science both recognize that Muskmelon has various useful properties that can help to cure illnesses and maintain a healthy body. Here are the properties of Muskmelon according to Ayurveda and Science:-


(I) Science

● Antioxidant properties

● Rich in vitamins

● Cooling property

● High water content

● Contains Polyphenols

● Low-calorie fruit


(II) Ayurveda 

● Ropan or healing properties

● Sita or cooling properties

● Guru or heavy nature

● Mutral or diuretic properties

● Snigdha or Oily nature

● Vata balancing properties

● Pitta balancing properties

● Balya of tonic properties


Diseases and health conditions that can be treated by Muskmelon

Muskmelon is known to have special curative properties, as asserted by Ayurveda. It indeed has a lot of nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals. This can help in curing certain health conditions and keep the body healthy. It can also be considered an immunity-boosting fruit. Here is a list of diseases that can be cured by Muskmelon:-

● Urinary Tract Infection

The problem of urinary tract infections (UTI) is very common. It is especially high in women and girls. It can be caused by several reasons, like using unclean toilets. In Ayurveda, UTI or Urinary Tract Infection is called Mutrakcchra or pain in passing urine. Muskmelon is endowed with Sita or cooling properties, which can help reduce the pain in urination. It can also remove toxins from the body due to its Mutral or diuretic nature.

● Constipation

Muskmelon can help to control constipation, as asserted by Ayurveda. Constipation in Ayurveda is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, which causes a weak digestive fire. This leads to aggravated Vata and causes constipation. Muskmelon has Vata balancing ability, which helps restore digestive fire and cures constipation.

● Weight Gain

Excessive eating can cause obesity. Muskmelon is said to be heavy or Guru in nature, making one feel like they have a full stomach. This leads to loss of appetite and helps people to control their diet and food intake. Hence, Muskmelon can help in controlling weight.

● Menorrhagia

Menorrhagia is a condition that causes prolonged menstrual bleeding in women. This causes them to lose excess blood during periods. In Ayurveda, this is called Raktapradar. Ayurveda asserts that aggravated Pitta causes Raktapradar. This can be cured by the Sita or cooling property of Muskmelon. Hence, Menorrhagia can be controlled by consuming Muskmelon.

● Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a condition that is caused by plaque buildup in arteries. This causes them to clog and block the flow of blood. Muskmelon is high in water content, which helps to flush out toxins that cause plaque buildup. Hence, Muskmelon can cure Atherosclerosis.

● Liver Steatosis

Lover Steatosis is a condition caused by fat buildup in the liver. This can severely damage the liver. Muskmelon is a fruit that is rich in water, which can help remove toxins and fats from the body. This leads to a reduced risk of Liver Steatosis.

● Diabetes

Muskmelon can cure diabetes with its healing abilities. Muskmelon is rich in polyphenols, which help in maintaining blood sugar levels. This, in turn, helps keep diabetes in check.

● Hyperpigmentation

Sunburns and tanning cause hyperpigmentation. This leads to discoloration of the skin in patches. Sunlight is responsible for a reduced Pitta and causes aggravation of Rasha Dhatu. Muskmelon is rich in Ropan or healing abilities that can cure hyperpigmentation. The Sita property of the Muskmelon cools the burnt skin and reduces discoloration.

● Wrinkles

Age-related wrinkles can be cured by using Muskmelon. In Ayurveda, wrinkles and fine lines are caused by Vata dosha. Muskmelon has Vata balancing property, which helps in healing wrinkles. The Snigdha or oily nature of Muskmelon keeps the skin hydrated and helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines.


Muskmelon Health Benefits: Different Views on the curative nature of Muskmelon

Both Science and Ayurveda have recognized the benefits of using Muskmelon. Here are their viewpoints on the curative nature of Muskmelon:-


● Heart and Liver Problems



Science says that Muskmelon can help in diseases like Atherosclerosis and Liver Steatosis. Both these diseases are caused by fat deposition in the arteries and liver, respectively. Muskmelon has high water content, which helps dissolve fats and remove toxins from the body. This helps in removing fat and avoiding the buildup of plaque.

In Ayurveda, Muskmelon is said to be rich in Balya or tonic properties and Mutral or diuretic properties. This helps in flushing out toxins from the body and prevent accumulation on Ama.


● Skin Problems



Muskmelon can be extremely beneficial for the skin due to its nutritional value and water content. Muskmelon is rich in Vitamins and antioxidants, which help nourish the skin and keep it healthy. It keeps skin hydrated and helps in cooling burnt and red skin.

In Ayurveda, reduced Rasha Dhatu can cause dark and pigmented skin. Aggravated Vata and Pitta can also cause hyperpigmentation and wrinkles on the skin. Muskmelon has Vata balancing properties, which can help in restoring Vata and Pitta in the body. The Snigdha or oily property of Muskmelon keeps the skin hydrated, and the site or cooling property keeps it nourished.


● Hydration and Nourishment



According to Science, Muskmelon has high water content and is rich in vitamins and minerals. It can replenish the body with water and nutrients to keep it healthy and cool. The water in Muskmelon also helps in clearing toxins that might harm the body.

In Ayurveda, Muskmelon is said to have Balya or tonic property and Sita or cooling property. Sita property helps in keeping the body cool by regulating body heat with its cooling nature. Balya or tonic property helps flush out toxins and keeps unhealthy dispositions away.


Various ways to use a Muskmelon

As we already know, Muskmelon can benefit our health. Here are some ways you can use Muskmelon:-

● Muskmelon fruit salad

Muskmelon is sweet in taste and can be consumed directly after cutting it into pieces. You can add other fruits as well and make a fruit salad.

● Muskmelon Juice

The juice of Muskmelon can serve as a refreshing and hydrating drink during summers. Just put cut pieces of Muskmelon in a juicer and drain the juice. Drink with a little table salt or rock salt for an added taste.

● Muskmelon Seeds

Muskmelon seeds can be highly nutritious for the body as it contains a good amount of potassium and other minerals. You can either eat them directly or use them as a face scrub as it might help clear dead skin and dirt.

● Muskmelon Oil

Muskmelon can be used for skincare purposes. It keeps skin moisturized and nourished.

● Muskmelon Pulp

Muskmelon pulp can be a good face pack for the skin. You can take out the pulp and use it as a face mask to hydrate the skin.


Commonly recommended doses or uses of Muskmelon

Here are some recommended ways you can use a Muskmelon to cure diseases and skin problems:-

● Urinary Tract Infection

Muskmelon Juice can be extremely beneficial for the kidneys. Take a Muskmelon and cut it into pieces. Please put it in a blender or juicer and drain out the juice after it's blended. Add table salt or rock salt as per your taste. Drink once or twice a day for good results.

● Obesity

You can eat Muskmelon as a part of your meals to help control obesity. Take a Muskmelon and cut it into small pieces. Add salt to taste or make it into a fruit salad. Eat it as a part of meals or breakfast. Have it at least once a day.

● Constipation

Have Muskmelon fruit directly to control constipation. Take a Muskmelon and cut it into several pieces. Eat them directly or turn them into a fruit salad and consumes them every morning.

● Sunburn

Muskmelon pulp will be effective for curing sunburns. Take a Muskmelon and cut it into large pieces. Please take out the pulp and mash it to form a paste. Apply on the sunburnt area for instant relief from pain and redness.

● Wrinkles and Dry skin

You can use a homemade Muskmelon face pack to reduce wrinkles and keep the skin hydrated. Take a Muskmelon and mash it into a paste. Add some honey to it and mix well. Put it directly on your face. Wait for 15-20 minutes and then rinse out thoroughly with water.


Side Effects of Muskmelon

Here are some things you need to keep in mind when consuming Muskmelon:-

● Muskmelon is Guru or heavy in nature. So, if you have a weak stomach, avoid taking Muskmelon as it can cause gas.

● Eating an excess of Muskmelon can cause stomach problems.

● Muskmelon is Sita or cold in nature. Hence, eating Muskmelon while having a cough and cold is not recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Can Muskmelon help cure skin problems?

Yes, Muskmelon can cure various skin problems. It is highly nutritious for the skin and is rich in water. It has Ropan(Healing), Sita(Cooling), and Snigdha(Oily) properties, which help in keeping skin healthy and free from wrinkles and fine lines.

Q. Can pregnant women consume Muskmelon?

Muskmelon can be extremely beneficial for pregnant women. It has a high water content, which helps in hydrating the body and regulate urination. Its nutrients help in improving the health of the mother and child.

Q. Can Muskmelon have side effects?

Muskmelon does not have severe side effects when consumed. It can cause gas sometimes due to its Guru or heavy nature. It can also worsen one's health if they already have a cold and cough.

Q. Can you eat the seeds of Muskmelon?

Yes, you can indeed eat the seeds of Muskmelon. It has a high potassium content, which is beneficial for the body.

Q. Can I use Muskmelon as a face pack?

Muskmelon face packs can be easily made at home and help hydrate the skin. You can also put in on sunburnt areas for immediate relief from burning and redness.

Q. Can Muskmelon help me lose weight?

Yes, Muskmelon can help you lose weight. Muskmelon is said to have a Guru or heavy nature, which decreases appetite. Taking Muskmelon fruit as part of meals can help you eat less and control your weight. It also helps you flush out toxins from the body and dissolve fats due to its high water content.

Q. Can Muskmelon improve eye health?

Muskmelon is rich in vitamins like Vitamin A. This helps in improving eye health.

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