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Majuphal: Health Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects

By NS Desk | Herbs | Posted on :   18-Dec-2020

Majuphal is a formation called gall that forms near the leaves of oak trees. Majuphal is known in Ayurveda for its Sita(cold), Kashaya(Astringent), Ropan( Healing), and properties.  It is also endowed with a lot of healing qualities like anti-inflammation, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. Majuphal also helps cure a number of diseases of gums, skin, throat, and vagina. It is named Quercus Infectoria in English. Its other common names are Mayaphal, Mayuka, Malayu, Machi Kay, Chidraphala, and so on. Majuphal juices and powders are plant-based and are made with natural elements. Majuphal extracts have been used in Asian Ayurvedic medicines for a very long time.
Properties of Majuphal
Majuphal has several properties, as recognized by both science and Ayurveda. These properties make Majuphal an important plant-based extract that can help cure various diseases.
Properties of Majuphal as seen by science:-
● Antioxidant properties
● Antibacterial properties
● Antifungal properties
● It contains tannis, which is associated with astringent properties.
● Anti-inflammatory properties
● Phytoconstituents that facilitate healing
Properties of Majuphal according to Ayurveda 
● Ropan- healing properties 
● Sita- cooling property 
● Kashaya- astringent properties 
● Can cure Vata and Pitta Doshas
The Power of Majuphal in Curing Diseases
Majuphal, as recognized by both science and Ayurveda, can be used to treat a variety of diseases and health conditions. It has an amazing ability to naturally cure illnesses with its astringent properties. Here is how Majuphal can be useful for certain health issues:-
● Gum Problems
Patients suffering from gum problems can take Majuphal to reduce symptoms. Its Sita(Cold) properties help to cool gums and provide relief from pain. The Kashaya(Astringent) property of  Majuphal also helps in bringing down swelling and curing bleeding gums and gum inflammation.
● Vaginal Discharges and Diseases
Majuphal can be extremely helpful in solving vaginal problems. Candida infection and Leucorrhea can be cured by using Majuphal extracts. Leucorrhea is a type of vaginal discharge which can be cured by Majuphal infused vaginal washes. Candida, which is a type of fungal infection, can be cured by Majuphal due to its antifungal properties.
● Piles and Rectal Problems
Piles and other rectal problems like diarrhea are related to food habits. Piles, which is a swelling of rectal veins in the anus, can be treated with Majuphal's anti-inflammatory properties. We already know that Majuphal can bring down swelling. In the case of piles, Majuphal brinks down the swelling of the anus. Majuphal also helps preserve water in the body and stop diarrhea by firming stools. Sita (Cold) properties of Majuphal can help in alleviating pain and discomfort associated with piles and diarrhea.
● Skin Diseases
Majuphal's Kashaya( astringent) property contracts skin and helps in skin tightening. Its anti-aging property also helps in keeping skin healthy. Majuphal's antifungal ability can cure fungal infections of the skin. The hyperpigmentation that is caused by exposure to the sun can be cured with its Ropan(healing) and Sita(cooling) properties. Tan problems can also be solved with Majuphal extracts. Wounds also heal faster with the application of Majuphal. 
Can Anyone Use Majuphal?
Almost everyone can use Majuphal. It is, however, advisable to consult a professional for doses of Majuphal. Pregnant women and women who are still breastfeeding also have to consult a doctor before taking Majuphal.
Common Recommended Doses of Majuphal
Majuphal can be taken along with several other ingredients. It is highly compatible with water, honey, and milk. Here’s how you can use Majuphal for different diseases. 
● Leucorrhea
 Take 1 to 1.5gms. Of Majuphal powder and mix with warm water. Take this mixture and consume them once or twice daily. Consult a doctor for a more specific dosage of Majuphal. You can also use Majuphal infused vaginal washes. 
● Hyperpigmentation
Mix 1-1.5 gms of Majuphal powder. Mix this powder with milk and honey to create a paste-like substance. Apply this paste on affected areas from time to time. You can mix as much powder as you require.
● Gum Inflammation 
Mix 1-3 gms of Majuphal powder with 2 cups of normal water. Put this mixture to a boil on a stove. Keep boiling it till about 1/4th of it is left. Filter out this mix. Use this to gargle once a day to achieve the desired results. You can also use a Majuphal infused mouthwash.
● Candida Infection
Use Majuphal infused vaginal washes to remove the infection.
● Piles
Use 1-3gms of Majuphal powder and 2 cups of water to create a mixture. Boil this mixture for ten to fifteen minutes till it is reduced. Consume this reduction of Majuphal and water 1-2 times a day for desired results. Check with a doctor for accurate dosage.
● Vaginal Discharge
Mix one or one and a half grams of Majuphal powder with warm water to create a mixture. Take this water and the Majuphal mixture twice a day to reduce Leucorrhea.
What are the Scientific and Ayurvedic Views on Curative Properties of Majuphal?
1. Majuphal for controlling diarrhea



Majuphal contains tannis, which is associated with astringent properties.

It constricts mucus membranes to reduce secretions. This helps in controlling diarrhea by firming stool.

Diarrhea or Atisar in Ayurveda is a result of aggravated Vata. Ayurveda believes that Vata is responsible for bringing in fluids with stools. Kashaya(Astringent) properties of Majuphal helps in controlling this influx of fluids hence reducing diarrhea.

2. Majuphal for solving vaginal problems



Majuphal has good antifungal properties. Hence, it is useful in curing fungal infections in the vagina. Majuphal stops fungal growth to reduce infection.

Ayurveda states that Majuphal can help in controlling vaginal discharges due to its Kashaya properties. It can also help in alleviating vaginal pain and swelling.

3. Majuphal for curing wounds



Phytoconstituents that are present in Majuphal helps in contracting wounds and curing them. Its anti-inflammatory ability helps to bring down swelling. The antifungal property of Majuphal ensures that the wound is free from fungal infections.

Ayurveda says that Majuphal has Ropan or healing abilities. This helps it cure cuts and wounds. Sita or cooling property of Majuphal also acts as a natural pain killer by bringing down swelling in the affected area.

4. Majuphal for healing tonsillitis



Majuphal has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help cure tonsillitis. Majuphal infused mouthwash can help bring down the swelling of the throat and give relief from tonsillitis.

Kashaya elements of Majuphal helps to cure swelling and soothe the throat with its Sita elements. Hence, Majuphal can help with tonsillitis.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can Majuphal cure diarrhea?
Yes, Majuphal can cure diarrhea due to its astringent properties that control the fluid discharge and solidifies stool. It can also relieve the pain associated with it due to the presence of anti-inflammatory properties.
Can Majuphal cure diabetes?
Majuphal roots can enhance the secretion of insulin in the body. This helps in curing diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels.
Can Majuphal help to cure piles?
Astringent properties of Majuphal help in dissolving hemorrhoids and piles. Astringent abilities of Majuphal help in reducing swelling and constricts anal veins to stop bleeding from piles.
Can Majuphal benefit the skin?
Majuphal can cure skin infection with its antifungal elements. It also helps in tightening the skin and healing cuts and wounds. Majuphal also helps in tan removal. Ringworms can be got rid of by using Majuphal.
Can Majuphal heal oral diseases?
Yes, Majuphal can heal oral diseases like bleeding gums, gum inflammation, throat infection, tonsillitis, etc. Kashaya(Astringent) and Sita(Cool) properties of Majuphal help in reducing inflammation and cure several oral diseases.
Can Majuphal bring down a fever?
Majuphal has some antipyretic properties which can help in curing fever. Cooling properties of Majuphal also help regulate the body's temperature and reduce fever.
Can Majuphal be beneficial for bones?
Yes, Majuphal can be extremely beneficial for bones. It has certain minerals like calcium, potassium, aluminum, silica, etc., which help to develop healthy and strong bones. Polyphenols in Majuphal can help in bone metabolism
Is Majuphal good for the stomach?
Majuphal can increase appetite by removing toxins from the body. Polyphenols present in Majuphal help to increase metabolism and, in turn, increase appetite.
Can Majuphal cure Candida?
Majuphal has antifungal properties that can cure vaginal infections like Candida. It stops fungi from further growing and cures the infection. Majuphal infused vaginal washes can help stop Candida and other fungal infections.
Can Majuphal cure Tonsillitis?
Majuphal has astringent or Kashaya properties that help in curing tonsillitis. Anti-inflammation properties of Majuphal help in cooling down the throat. Using Majuphal infused mouthwashes can help to cure tonsillitis.
Can Majuphal heal wounds?
According to science, Majuphal has antibacterial and antifungal properties. This helps to prevent wounds and cuts from being infected. It's anti-inflammation properties also help in bringing down pain and swelling of wounds. Sita ( cooling properties) of Majuphal, according to Ayurveda, also helps in cooling the infected area to provide relief from pain.
Can Majuphal alleviate pain?
Majuphal has anti-inflammatory abilities, which can help bring down swelling. This, in turn, minimizes pain. Sita(cooling) properties of Majuphal help is a cooling affected area to provide relief and heal the infection.
Can Majuphal be used for Leucorrhea?
Majuphal has Kashaya or astringent properties, which can help in cure Leucorrhea. Leucorrhea is a thick, white discharge from the vagina. Ayurveda believes it to be due to Kapha Dosha.
Majuphal's Kashaya properties help resolve Kapha Dosha. It can be used as a vaginal wash to stop discharges.
Can Majuphal help solve Gastric problems?
Ayurveda believes that stomach problems are caused by several Doshas which arise from unhealthy eating habits. Majuphal's Kashaya or astringent properties help in resolving Vata Dosha to clear the stomach and increase appetite. It also provides relief from symptoms of piles due to its cooling abilities. Anti-inflammatory abilities help in curing piles by bringing down the swelling of rectal veins.
Can Majuphal have anti-aging properties?
Majuphal has astringent properties which help constrict skin tissues and cells. This helps in skin tightening. Hence, it can be said that Majuphal has anti-aging properties.
Can Majuphal help in removing tan?
Ayurveda asserts that Pitta Dosha causes tanning or hyperpigmentation. This generally occurs when the body is exposed to the sun and heat. Majuphal can cure this Dosha by its Ropan or healing properties. Tan removal can be done by creating a paste of Majuphal powder, honey, and milk, then applying it to affected areas on the skin.
Can pregnant women consume Majuphal?
Pregnant women should consult a doctor before taking any dose of Majuphal. 
How can you use Majuphal?
Majuphal can be used in several ways. It is available in two forms - Majuphal juice and Majuphal powder. Majuphal powder can be mixed with honey and milk to create an anti-tanning paste.  Majuphal juice can be mixed with water to make an instant mouthwash. A decoction made from Majuphal juice and water can be consumed to cure stomach problems.

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