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Kidney Beans: Health Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects

By NS Desk | Herbs | Posted on :   17-Dec-2020

Kidney Beans are one of the various kinds of common beans available in India. It is called Kidney Beans due to its shape, just like the organ of a Human Kidney. It is commonly known as Rajma in India. These kidney beans are rich in protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. They are well known to have numerous health benefits. Kidney Beans or Rajma help in the treatment of diseases and health problems on the grounds that they have antioxidant property, anti-inflammatory property, in conjunction with the anti-diabetic property.
These Kidney beans are so helpful in both Scientific treatments along with Ayurvedic Treatment. Kidney Beans are available in few more types. These include Flageolets, Cannellini Beans, and Red Kidney Beans. Excessive consumption of Kidney beans by People is not at all advisable as it is harmful. Kidney Beans are to be consumed only in a recommended dosage and not more than that.
Origination of the Word “Kidney Beans”
The name "Kidney Beans" originated due to its shape as the organ Kidney of a human being. It is known as Rajma in India according to the Hindi language. They belong to the leguminous plant of the genus Phaseolus Vulgaris. There are different types of beans available. Due to the shape and color (red) of the kidney beans resembling the human organ, it was called so.
Historical Uses of Kidney Beans
Kidney beans are known to have a lot of historical uses. They were widely used by the science experts in the scientific treatments and by the Ayurvedic experts in the Ayurvedic Treatments.
Owing to the fact that they were used to treat diseases and health problems such as weight loss, to treat diabetes, people with a high level of cholesterol, and also control the development of Kidney stones in human beings. 
The Anti-diabetic property, anti-inflammatory properties present in the Kidney beans are the reasons for using them in the treatment of diseases and health problems. Kidney Beans were and are still being used in the Ayurvedic treatment and Scientific Treatment.
Benefits of Using Kidney Beans in Ayurvedic Treatment
With the intention of treating diseases and illnesses, the benefits of Kidney Beans or Rajma are numerous.  Kidney Beans have benefited human beings by treating obesity, controlling cholesterol levels, and it has been good for people with diabetes.
Rajma is known to contain a lot of bioactive plant compounds that include Anthocyacins, Phytic acid, Isoflavones, and also the Starch Blockers. These kidney beans prevent one from cancer in the colon. This has been proved by test tube and animal tests. These are highly rich in proteins, fibers, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. All these enriched contents, along with a few great properties, help in the treatment of health diseases and illnesses.
Treating Diseases or Health Problems Using Kidney Beans
As mentioned earlier, the benefits of kidney beans or rajma are numerous. These have been used and are still being used in treating diseases and health problems in both scientific and ayurvedic treatments. We will now learn about the diseases that are cured and prevented with Kidney Beans or Rajma's help.
● Preventing Colon Cancer



According to science experts, it is proved that the Kidney beans, due to its chemoprotective activity, protect human beings from colon cancer. The presence of lectins in rajma also slows down the growth of colon cancer and stops it eventually.

There are not enough experiments or proper sources to prove this statement, but it is believed that the kidney beans can be consumed to prevent Colon Cancer.

● Weight-loss 



A lot of people are known to use Kidney beans, especially for weight loss. As they contain lectins, it helps one from gaining a lot of weight. Science experts still recommend Rajma for people who are obese.

According to Ayurvedic experts, the cause of obesity is the increase in Ama. Consumption of Kidney Beans results in controlling the weight by balancing the Ama in a human. Thus they are used for treating obesity.

● Diabetes



Since the past, kidney beans are used for treating people with diabetes due to the anti-diabetic property present in Rajma. The science experts believe that this helps in maintaining proper blood sugar levels in a person.

In Ayurveda, the kidney beans or rajma is known as Madhumeha. It is caused due to the imbalance of Vata and due to weak digestion. Consumption of Kidney Beans balances the Vata and helps in making the digestion process easy.

● High cholesterol



According to scientific experts, the Rajma helps maintain a proper level of cholesterol in a person because it has antioxidant properties. This prevents one from other complications created by a High level of cholesterol.

According to the Ayurvedic experts, Rajma's consumption prevents high cholesterol as it has the property to fix Agni and reduce toxins (Ama) in a person. Hence it removes the bad cholesterol and maintains a good amount of cholesterol.

Forms of Kidney Beans in Ayurvedic Treatment With Recommended Dosage
Like there are different types of Kidney beans and various names for it, there are also various forms of Kidney Beans or Rajma available for people to use. Each form is recommended to consume as prescribed and not more than that as more consumption of Kidney beans or Rajma can be harmful. Each form of kidney beans helps one in easy consumption or application. The different forms of Kidney beans that are available are as follows:
● Cooked Kidney Beans: ½  to 1 cup of Cooked Rajma can be consumed once per day
● Kidney Beans Capsules: 1 to 2 capsules of kidney beans twice a day
● Kidney Beans Paste: 1 to 2 tsp of Kidney Beans Paste twice a day 
If you have not consulted a physician, you are allowed to follow the medications as mentioned above, or if you have consulted a doctor, follow as prescribed to you. Consulting a doctor before using any form of Kidney beans or Rajma is a must.
Types of Ayurvedic Care With Kidney Beans
1. Cooked Kidney Beans/ Rajma
This form of Cooked Kidney Beans can be used by adding them to salads and vegetable burgers. It is a must to consume it in a cooked form as the raw form of kidney beans is said to contain certain unhealthy toxins. This form of Kidney beans is beneficial to people who are suffering from obesity. This has to be consumed once a day for great results. 
- Add ½ -1 cup of Rajma to boiling water.
- Add veggies as you wish 
- Have it for Salad or burgers 
- Consume it once a day
2. Kidney Beans Capsules
Kidney beans are also available in the form of capsules. This form of Kidney beans or Rajma has been used to treat colon cancer, high cholesterol, and diabetes. It is this form that is prescribed by the doctors.
- 1 to 2 capsules of Kidney Beans to be taken
- Drink it with water or milk
- Consume it twice a day after food for better results. 
3. Kidney Beans Paste
The Kidney Beans Paste is to be used only externally and not to be consumed. This form of Rajma or Kidney Beans is being used to treat acne, pimples, and scars. Kidney beans paste shows immediate results in just a few minutes. 
- 1 to 2 tsp of kidney beans paste is to be taken
- Apply it to the affected area
- Let it dry for 4 to 5 minutes
- Wash it off with clear water
- Use it twice a day for better results
Side Effects of Kidney Beans
Though we have understood all the good qualities and benefits of Kidney Beans or Rajma, there are still more known and learned things. The Kidney Beans is said to have a few certain side effects if consumed by certain people. As they are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and fibers, excessive consumption of Kidney beans is not advisable. If consumed, then it may cause
● Diarrhea
● Abdominal pain
● Blocked intestines
● Cancer
● Damage organs
● Heart attacks 
These are the side effects that are likely to occur if one consumes too much or more than the number of kidney beans prescribed to him. Hence one must check upon with his doctor before consuming any form of kidney beans or Rajma for his well-being.
Precautionary Guide While Using Kidney Beans
For Diabetic Patients
- View of science experts
The science experts advise that the kidney beans be consumed to a limited amount by people with diabetes as it has the ability to reduce the blood sugar levels. The anti-diabetic property reduces and maintains blood sugar levels. If not monitored carefully and regularly, this may lead to other complications such as extremely low blood sugar levels.
For Heart Disease Patients
- View of Science Experts
The Kidney beans are supposed to be taken only in a required amount as it has the ability to lower the blood pressure of a person. Continuous monitoring is necessary. If not, excessive consumption of Kidney beans or rajma may lead to heart attacks.
For patients with brain-related issues
- View of Science Experts
The consumption of Rajma or kidney beans more than the said amount can cause brain damage and also cause damage to other organs. As they are rich in iron, eating rajma has to be in a limited and required amount. More than the amount mentioned if consumed can be harmful. 
Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Beans
Are kidney beans named like that because they are good for kidneys?
No, Kidney Beans are named so because of their shape that is similar to the organ of a human being's Kidney. They both look alike—even the color red of the Kidney Beans and the organ Kidney matches. Kidney Beans or Rajma are also good for the kidneys if consumed in a limited amount.
How much amount of Kidney beans has to be consumed?
- View of Science Experts
The science experts recommend one to consume about 25 to 38 grams of kidney beans or rajma in their diet for a day. More than the mentioned amount can cause damage to the brain or other organs. 
Why do we need to consume only the prescribed amount of kidney beans? 
- View of Science Experts
One needs to eat only the prescribed amount of Kidney Beans because excessive consumption of Rajma has a lot of side effects and can damage the organs. It can lead to a lower level of blood pressure and blood sugar levels. In addition to this, too much consumption of Kidney Beans can cause Heart attacks.
Does the consumption of Kidney Beans prevent one from Kidney stones?
- View of Science Experts
Absolutely yes. The consumption of Kidney Beans prevents one from the accumulation of Kidney stones in a person. As the Rajma has the Saponins, it does not allow kidney stones to form and disrupt the process.
Is Kidney Beans suitable for Pregnant women and breastfeeding women?
- View of Science Experts
There are not enough experiments or proper sources to prove or confirm this. It is better if the pregnant women and breastfeeding women avoid consuming Kidney Beans or Rajma during this period. Consulting a doctor before consuming any form of Kidney Beans is advisable.
Will eating Kidney Beans cause Nausea?
- View of Science Experts
Yes, eating kidney beans can cause nausea to people if consumed more than the prescribed amount. This can also be the cause of different other side effects. Thus, it is important that one eats kidney beans only to a required amount and not exceed the limit. 
How does eating Kidney Beans help men?
- View of Science Experts
Eating Kidney Beans or Rajma is more beneficial to all men. For the reason that it helps in weight loss and also in maintaining a proper blood sugar level and blood pressure level. It also helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases if consumed in a limited amount and not more than that.

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