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Citronella oil: Health Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects

By NS Desk | Herbs | Posted on :   08-Dec-2020

Citronella oil is a very useful oil made using stems and leaves of the Cymbopogon genus. The Cymbopogon genus is also known as citronella grass. Citronella has been used as an insect repellent for a long time. Citronella oil is used in the making of soaps, perfumes, lotions, etc. Citronella oil is mainly used for skincare and other domestic uses. Although the main usage is related to skincare, the oil is also used to treat a person's physical and mental health. Citronella oil is mostly used for internal purposes, but it may be toxic to the human body if it is being taken in large quantities.

History Of Citronella Oil

For many years people have been using Citronella oil as a natural remedy to treat many physical and mental health problems. Along with using them for medical purposes, they also have incorporated the oil into their cooking in order to enhance the flavor and taste of the food. In the modern world, citronella oil is being used to make soaps, perfumes, lotions, etc.

Due to the fragrance of citronella being similar to lemongrass, many people get confused between the two. In countries like China, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, people have been using citronella oil for many purposes, and they still do.

Since discovering the benefits of citronella oil, people have incorporated it into many of the things they use. Due to the pleasant fragrance that the citronella oil gives out, it is used in making perfumes. Huge brands and companies use citronella oil in their perfumes to increase its effect on people.

Citronella oil has been around on this planet for a long time and still continues to be one of the biggest natural plants used for perfumes, disinfectants, candles, etc.

Benefits Of Using Citronella Oil

Firstly, Citronella oil is used as a mosquito repellent, and it is very effective. The oil doesn't exactly kill mosquitos; it simply prevents mosquitos from being attracted to you if you apply the oil. Although Citronella isn't the first option everyone goes for when it comes to repelling mosquitos, it does a decent job against them.

Many people have dandruff, dry scalp, and flaking. There are many solutions to this, but not every solution is effective. Citronella oil can be used to prevent dry scalp, dandruff, and other problems related to your hair. The oil can be applied to any scalp on a regular basis, and then the results can be seen. The results will actually shock you as the oil does a brilliant job against such hair related problems.

Citronella oil is famous for its beautiful and pleasant fragrance, so naturally, you can use it to deodorize your house. But you cannot just spray or apply the oil directly; you must first dilute it with vinegar in appropriate proportions and then move forwards with the spraying process. You can immediately see the effect after spraying in your house.

The oil is also used to treat many mental problems that people suffer from. It is used to treat stress, and it eases the pain and the tension within your body. People who have arthritis can also apply this to their bodies to relieve the pain they are going through.

Citronella oil can also be applied to the skin to maintain clear skin. The oil works brilliantly against fungal and bacterial growth. So, it is very good for your skin. If you apply citronella oil on a regular basis, then you can see the positive effects it has.

Treating Health-related Problems With Citronella Oil

Modern science has enabled us to turn citronella oil into a multipurpose liquid that treats physical problems and mental problems of the human body. For many years people have been using it for cooking and treating other health-related problems. The following problems that can be treated using citronella oil:

  • Arthritis

                   Scientific view

                  Ayurvedic view

Citronella oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which help relieve pain. When the oil is applied to the area of pain, it relieves the pain.

Ayurveda also says that Citronella oil can treat arthritis by relieving the pain due to its Vata balancing property. The oil must be applied only to the area where the pain is felt.

  • Reducing Stress

                    Scientific view

                     Ayurvedic view

Citronella oil can be used to relieve stress as it relaxes the nervous system and overall mental fatigue.

Citronella has many stress-relieving properties and hence relaxes the mind due to its balancing Vata property.

  • Sleeping problems

                    Scientific view

                     Ayurvedic view

Studies have proven that citronella oil works brilliantly for anyone who is suffering from sleep depravity. This is due to the properties that the oil contains.

Citronella oil has many Vata balancing properties that calm the overall state of your mind and relieves stress. Hence citronella oil can be used if anyone has sleeping problems.

  • Gastrointestinal disorders

                    Scientific view

                     Ayurvedic view

Citronella oil has an anti-inflammatory property that works against any issues related to the stomach. The deworming property of the oil kills any unwanted worms preset in your intestines or stomach.

The deworming property of this oil helps remove any unwanted organisms from the body. If you are suffering from food poisoning, you can use this oil to balance the force and the lining of the stomach.

  • Skincare

                    Scientific view

                     Ayurvedic view

Citronella oil has many antibacterial properties that don't allow the accumulation of any unwanted bacteria on the skin. This results in clear and neat skin. If you have any problems related to your skin like acne, blackheads, etc., you can use this oil to treat it.

Citronella oil can be used to maintain clear skin due to its antiseptic nature. The oil has been in use for a long time to maintain good skin. It can clear pores, acne, and other skin related problems.

  • Warding off insects and mosquitos

                    Scientific view

                     Ayurvedic view

Mosquitoes are carriers of many diseases and viruses, and their biting can be prevented by applying citronella oil to the body.

Citronella oil has many insect repellent properties that prevent insects and mosquitoes' attraction towards the applied area.

As you can see, there are many health benefits if you use citronella oil. From relieving stress to repelling mosquitos, Citronella oil can fight against many things. The uses and benefits of this oil is not a recent discovery. People have been using citronella oil for a long time to treat many of their health problems, and it worked, and now people have found other problems that the oil can treat.

Where Can You Buy Citronella oil?

Citronella oil is a very popular oil that has been in use for many years. Many companies buy the Citronella oil for mass-producing their products, i.e., soaps, perfumes, deodorants, etc. These companies are in direct contact with many of the suppliers, and hence it is easy for them to get the stock.

But for us commoners who need the oil for taking care of our skin and relieving stress, we don't need to be in direct touch with Citronella oil suppliers. You can buy Citronella oil in an offline ayurvedic store, and if you consult any doctor, he/she will suggest to you stores from which you can buy the oil.

Suppose you cannot find any offline stores that sell Citronella oil in your area, then no problem. You can always go to online stores. Online stores are the best alternatives due to the ease of choosing and payment methods. Buying Citronella oil saves you a lot of time. You have to search for the product you like and check out. It is that easy, and you don't even have to wait in lines.

How To Use Citronella Oil

You cannot just blindly use the oil the way you like, as it may lead to other side effects. Depending upon your problem, you must use the oil appropriately. The following are the ways to use Citronella oil:

  • Fighting cold: Firstly, take two to three cups of water in a vessel and add two to three drops of Citronella oil in this. This is the perfect mixture of water and oil if you want to cure your cold or flu. Now, inhale it for a few minutes and repeat this twice a day. This will help cure your cold.
  • Repelling insects or mosquitos: If you have any deodorizer or air freshener, then you can add a couple of drops of Citronella oil in it and mix it properly; then, you can use the spray as usual. This will repel mosquitos or insects entering that area.

If you are in an open area, then take coconut oil and add 5-8 drops of Citronella oil and mix it well. Now, apply this mixture to clothes, hair, or your skin. This will prevent the attraction of mosquitoes to the applied area.

The above mentioned are the ways you can incorporate Citronella oil and cure your problems. But if you consult a doctor, then you should go by his/her guidelines.

Why Should I Use Citronella Oil?

Every person suffers from problems related to their mental or physical health, and sometimes the treatment for such problems can be very expensive. Citronella oil is a cheap alternative to cure or fight such problems. Citronella fights against problems like arthritis, stress, etc.

Citronella oil has many antibacterial properties that are very good for your skin. If you want to maintain good skin, then you can apply the oil as per the directions, and if you are suffering from acne and other skin related problems, then citronella oil comes to your rescue.

If you are suffering from stress, then you should definitely use Citronella oil as it relaxes your mind and calms your overall body, and because of stress, many people have problems sleeping, and if they use Citronella oil, then their sleep cycle will improve.

Due to old age, many people also have arthritis, which can cause a lot of pain. Applying Citronella oil to the painful area can reduce and relieve pain. Note that the messaging of this oil must be done regularly for the best effect.

You don't really have to use Citronella oil if you are suffering from physical or mental problems. You can use Citronella oil to maintain your overall health. When the oil is applied to your skin, it can prevent acne and other skin related problems from happening, and when it is applied to your hair, dandruff, dry scalp, and other problems can be prevented. But never forget that you shouldn't apply the oil directly to your skin as it may result in allergy.

Precautions That Need To Be Taken Before Using Citronella Oil

  • You have to make sure that you do not inhale Citronella oil directly, or else it will cause long-term lung damage. Inhaling Citronella oil directly and for a long time can cause many problems related to breathing.
  • Citronella oil can be applied to the skin as a mosquito repellent, but it may lead to allergies. So, make sure that your skin won't have any allergic reaction when Citronella oil is applied to it.
  • It is also unsafe to take Citronella oil directly from your mouth. There have been reports of children dying from poisoning when they swallowed Citronella oil directly with their mouths.
  • It is also suggested that pregnant women shouldn’t take Citronella oil as it may lead to complications during delivery.
  • Always dilute Citronella oil with coconut nut water or other preferable liquids before applying it to your skin. It can be dangerous to your skin if you apply the oil without diluting.

What Are The Side Effects Of Citronella Oil?

  • If Citronella oil is directly applied to the skin, then the person may see some allergic reaction.
  • Citronella should not be taken internally as it can cause damage to internal organs.
  • People who have been in operation recently should also not lean towards taking Citronella oil.


What does Citronella oil do against cold and flu?

When suffering from fever, the human body's temperatures increase, and when Citronella oil is used, it eliminates any toxins present in the body and decreases the temperature. During fever, a lot of bad bacteria also accumulate, which is not good for your health. Citronella oil has antibacterial properties that can vet out such bacteria. All in all, Citronella oil does well against fever or cold.

Does Citronella Oil fight fungal growth?

Fungal growth can happen in the ears, nose, and throat. Using Citronella oil can help prevent such growth and maintain good hygiene. Fungal growth can be dangerous, and if you are using citronella oil to prevent this, you must take a doctor's advice on its usage.

Is Citronella oil really effective against insects and mosquitos?

Yes, Citronella oil works well against mosquitos and insects. Although the oil doesn’t kill the insects, it doesn’t attract to the applied area. These insects carry many diseases and can be dangerous to humans. So, the usage of Citronella oil is very much recommended.

I have an upset stomach. Can I use Citronella oil to relieve it?

Citronella oil has many anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve many stomach ailments. The oil removes toxins from the body and cleans the stomach lining. You should use Citronella oil under supervision if you are using it to cure any ailments.

Should I consult a doctor before using Citronella oil?

Yes, you definitely should consult a doctor before using Citronella oil. If you are pregnant or want to give it to children, then it is suggested you take the doctor's advice before using the oil. When Citronella oil comes in contact with skin, it may show some allergic reaction. So, it is preferable if you consult a doctor before using oil to solve your problems.

Are Citronella and Lemongrass the same thing?

No, Citronella and Lemongrass are not the same things. They are part of the same family, but they are totally different plants that are used for various purposes. Lemongrass is mainly used for cooking and whereas Citronella is used for cooking and to treat many problems related to health.

Can I use Citronella oil to prevent dandruff?

If you have a dry scalp and are searching for ways to solve your dandruff problem, then Citronella oil may be your solution. Applying the oil to your head after diluting on a regular basis can help solve any dry scalp or dandruff.

Can any allergies be developed due to Citronella oil?

Yes, if you have sensitive skin, then allergies can be developed. If you apply citronella oil to your skin directly without diluting and you see rashes on your skin, then you can be sure that you have developed an allergy due to the oil. This allergy will eventually go away, but it is better to make sure you won't get any allergy when in contact with the oil.

Is it mandatory to dilute Citronella oil before applying using it?

If you apply citronella oil to your skin or to your hair, you must dilute it with coconut oil or other preferable liquids. When you are inhaling citronella oil to cure your fever, make sure you dilute it in water before inhaling as it can be quite dangerous for your lung if you inhale citronella oil directly. When you apply citronella oil to your skin, you may see an allergic reaction to avoid diluting citronella.

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