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Baheda : Health Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects

By NS Desk | Herbs | Posted on :   06-Nov-2020


Terminalia bellirica, also known as Baheda or Bahera, is a plant that mostly grows in Southeast Asia and can be used for many medical purposes. Baheda is one of the three fruits used in Triphala, which can be found all over India. The fruit has a brown color to it and can easily be distinguished from other fruits. Baheda can be used for many medical purposes, especially to solve digestive and respiratory problems.

Baheda has many rejuvenating properties that can be beneficial to the human body. The fruits of the Baheda plant are grounded and made into a powder, and this baheda powder can help strengthen hair and even encourage the growth of hair and is used by many people for hair growth. Baheda powder has many health benefits that can be used to increase the overall health of a person.

Baheda has high potency and must not be used when you have gastritis or hyperacidity, increasing the pain or the symptoms. So, it is better that you consult a doctor before taking Baheda powder or any of its substitutes to solve your health-related problems. A doctor’s advice can be very crucial to your health.

Evolution of Baheda

The Baheda plant was mostly found in Southeast Asia and more densely in India. For many years people have used these plants for many medical purposes and solved their health-related problems. Now in the 21st century, the plant has evolved a lot since its initial discovery. The plant is densely populated in Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh.

The fruit of the plant is used for medical purposes, and it has a very pungent smell and is hot in potency. The fruit is oval or spherical in shape and has a maximum diameter of 4 cm. The fruits have a greyish or brown color to it when it matures, which ripens towards the end of November. This fruit can be made into a powder or famously known as Churna for many medical purposes.

Benefits of using Baheda for medical treatment

Many people are proof that Baheda has medicinal usage and can be used by people to solve many health problems. Promoting hair growth is one of the biggest uses of Baheda. Baheda is very dry in nature and doesn't contain much oil or other liquids in the majority. Due to this, when applied to your scalp, it will keep it dry and hence prevent the growth of dandruff.

Baheda is used for many hair growth treatments too. Constipation is also one of the most problematic issues for many people. Baheda has much laxative property that can loosen your stool and promote easy digestion of the food. As there is good digestion happening in your body, it automatically improves your metabolism, which can be very helpful in weight loss. Baheda is used for weight loss too.

Baheda is a multipurpose plant that has many medical properties. The antibacterial property of this plant is one of the main attractions of it. This antibacterial property can be used to abolish or prevent acne growth on your skin. When Baheda powder is mixed with rose water and applied to your face, it prevents the growth of bacteria, which can keep your skin clean.

As you can see, Baheda can be used in many ways to treat health-related problems. But if you have other complex or complicated health issues, then it is suggested you go for a doctor before taking Baheda to solve your health-related issues. Doctors can give you a clear-cut view of the after-effects of the usage of Baheda.

Treating Health-related issues using Baheda

●     Weight loss


                    Scientific view

                      Ayurvedic view

Baheda is hot in potency and can drastically reduce the fat tissues of a person. Baheda fruits increase the speed of metabolism and hence reduce the probability of fat accumulation. So, yes, Baheda can help in the reduction of weight.

The ayurvedic principle states that this plant's herbs have an astringent taste, which tends to shrink fat tissues present in the human body.

●     Constipation

                    Scientific view

                      Ayurvedic view

Baheda fruits have many laxative properties that can smoothen your digestion. The fibers present in the churna of Baheda helps your digestion. Along with this, it is also very beneficial for someone who’s having stomach cramps or IBS.

Baheda has been used for many years as a good digestive for the human body. The fruit of Baheda has many properties that can ease the whole digestion process.

●     Headaches

                    Scientific view

                      Ayurvedic view

Baheda can be helpful in reducing headaches as it has many relieving properties that are completely natural.

Baheda can be very helpful in curing your headaches. You have to take Baheda and some jawasa along with ghee and make it into a decoction. Giving this to someone three times a day can cure their headaches. It also helps in dizziness.

●     Diarrhea

                    Scientific view

                      Ayurvedic view

Baheda has many fibrous properties in it and can be used to control any loose motion.

The bark of the Baheda tree can help you cure diarrhea. You have to take 3-5 grams of the bark and a couple of cloves and ground them well and add a little bit of honey. This must be taken 3-4 times a day to keep your digestion under control.

●     Cough and Cold

                    Scientific view

                      Ayurvedic view

Baheda is hot in potency and can relieve your sinuses of any blockage during cold. It clears all air passages that might have been troubling you.

The Baheda herb is used in treating cough and cold. This herb clears the mucus passages and allows the person to breathe without any trouble. This will also be useful in treating a person with gingivitis.

●     Wounds or scars

                    Scientific view

                      Ayurvedic view

Applying Baheda to a wound can drastically increase the healing rate of it. Baheda also has many antibacterial properties that can prevent the wound from getting septic.

You need to take a piece of Baheda and add water to it and make it into a fine paste. This paste can later be applied to the area of the wound to heal it. The wound will eventually recover. The healing process gains speed when Baheda is applied to it.

●     Acnes and Ulcers

                    Scientific view

                      Ayurvedic view

Baheda fruits have many antibacterial properties that can heal scars. The fruit is also rich in Vitamin C, Iron, and Potassium, helping you maintain your skin.

Baheda has many antioxidants and antiseptic properties that can be crucial in healing your acne. Baheda can be really helpful if you have any acne on your face.

●     Prevents Hair loss

                    Scientific view

                      Ayurvedic view

Baheda oil has a special property called gallic acid, and this acid can help prevent any damage to hair and bring the hair back. The oil can be used to maintain the health of your hair.

Baheda can be used to control hair loss, treat lice, and also prevent dandruff. When the oil is applied to the scalp or hair, it forms a healthy layer over it and prevents any further damage. This can also be used to deal with white hair.

Recommended ways of usage

Baheda can be taken in many forms to solve many health-related issues. The following are some of the most popular ways to take Baheda:


●     To heal wounds, you must take a piece of Baheda and make it into a fine paste by using water. This paste can later be applied to the affected area for faster and better healing.


●     The herbs or leaves of this plant can be used to treat common cold too.


●     Churna or powder is probably the most famous way of using Baheda. The churna must be mixed with warm water or honey and be drunk 2-3 times a day for better digestion and clear sinuses. Baheda is very effective when it comes to better digestion and curing a cold or cough.


●     Baheda is also available in capsule form for easy usage. You must swallow these capsules with water or honey after you eat food. You can see the capsule bottle's description for the number of capsules to be swallowed, or you can follow your doctor’s instructions.


The above-mentioned ways the most used and popular ways of consuming Baheda. You can consult a doctor before buying capsules or powder.

Which parts of Baheda are used for medical purposes?

When a plant is deemed as a medicinal plant, then most of its parts will be used to solve many health-related issues. In the case of Baheda, the bark, leaves, and fruits are used. The fruits of this plant can be made into a fine powder to make it into a churna. The leaves and bark of the plant can be made into a paste and be applied to external wounds.

Almost every part of the Baheda plant can be used for medicinal purposes. Churna and capsules are the most famous Baheda plant forms recommended by doctors to their patients.

Types of Baheda consumption

You can either use Baheda capsules, churna, etc. for digestive and other problems, or you can apply Baheda to your wounds, acne, etc. First, we will take a look at the internal consumption of capsules and such ways:


●     For constipation: Constipation can be a real problem for people. Baheda has laxative and digestives properties that can help in smooth digestion. You need to take around ½ - 1 teaspoons of Baheda powder and swallow it with some warm water. You need to do this daily for smooth digestion.


●     Weight loss: Weight loss can be very hazardous to your health because obesity can trigger heart issues. Weight is not to be taken for granted. Baheda can help you lose weight. Take ½ - 1 teaspoon and swallow it with water. You need to do this after eating your dinner or lunch.


●     Increases Immunity - Building your immunity is very important for your health, and Baheda can increase your immunity. You need to consume Baheda powder along with honey regularly to see results. It is preferred to take around ¼- ½ teaspoons of Baheda powder with honey.

Now let's get into how you can use Baheda externally for your wounds, acne, and other problems:


●     Dandruff and hair are strengthening - Baheda is very dry; unlike other plants, this plant doesn't have many oils or juices. Due to the dryness of this plant, it can be applied to your scalp to prevent dandruff. Baheda also has many other properties that can prevent hair loss and strengthen your hair. You must take the fruit powder, add rose water to it and make it into a fine paste. Now, apply this paste to your scalp and hair and leave it for 2-3 hours. You must do this regularly for the best results. It is preferred to do this twice or thrice a week.


●     Skincare - Baheda has many antioxidants in it, which can be very beneficial to your skin. Applying Baheda to acne or scars can make them go away, although not initially, but eventually. Baheda rejuvenates your skin when applied frequently. Take the Baheda powder, mix it with rose water, or even honey, turn it into a paste and apply it to your acne or scars to make an impact.


●     Wounds - Baheda has many antibacterial properties that can help heal a wound. You can use Baheda in two ways to heal a wound. You can take Baheda oil that will be sold anywhere and apply it to the external wound. Along with this oil, you can mix coconut oil in it too. The second method is to take a piece of Baheda and make it into a paste with water and apply it to the wound. This method is not preferred, considering how many of us do not have a Baheda plant in their backyard.

Baheda can be very useful for human health. It can be used to heal external wounds and open up your internal air passages when you are having a cold.

Side effects of Baheda

There aren’t any major side effects that you will see when consuming Baheda, but it can depend upon the disease or the disorder you have. So, please consult a doctor before taking any Baheda capsules or churna or other Baheda products.

Where can I buy Baheda?

Baheda is a very famous ayurvedic medicine that can be used for medicinal purposes, so you can expect to find it in any ayurvedic shop. If there are no physical ayurvedic shops around your area, then the doctor you have consulted will write you the retailer's name. Baheda can also be bought online. There are many varieties and options available online, but you have to make sure to read the description of the product to know if it is authentic or not. You also should check the seller’s name and if they have a good reputation or not.

Precautions when using Baheda

Before taking any medical solution to your problem, you have to be cautioned about its consumption. We all know that Baheda can either be swallowed or be applied to external wounds. The following are the precautions one must take before using Baheda in any form.


●     Before taking Baheda during breastfeeding, you must consult the doctor and go forward according to him/her.

●     If you are pregnant, it is crucial to consult your doctor.

●     Baheda will lower your sugar levels, so it must be taken into account before a diabetes patient consumes baheda.

●     You have to consult your doctor if you have constipation or gastritis.

●     Baheda is hot in potency and can cause irritation when applied to the skin. If you are applying it to a wound, then mix it with any cooling substance to decrease the potency.

These are the basic precautions that one must take before consuming or externally applying any Baheda product. You shouldn’ take these precautions for granted.


How can Baheda help in weight loss?

Baheda can break down the fat tissues in your body, which are the main reason for being overweight. When these fat tissues get broken down by Baheda, you can see the difference. Along with breaking down fat, Baheda can also increase the speed of your metabolism.

In simple words, your whole digestion process is accelerated when you use Baheda. When the digestion process is fast, your stool will be excreted from your body without any problems, and hence there will be no build-up of fat tissues.

Although Baheda must be consumed under a doctor’s supervision and regularly for the best results.

Will Baheda help in controlling my hair loss?

Yes, Baheda does fairly good in helping you control your hair loss. You have to apply the paste on your scalp or your hair and let it rest for a couple of hours, and then you can wash it. You must do it a few times for your hair to be strong.

What are the main benefits of Baheda powder?

                    Scientific view

                      Ayurvedic view

Baheda has many health benefits that can be used by us people. It has antimicrobial properties that help you in fighting a common cold or cough. The powder also has laxative properties to help you in the smooth digestion process. Using Baheda powder on a scheduled basis will increase your metabolism and help you control your weight.

Baheda has all-natural properties that can help you maintain your health in many ways. The natural digestive properties will help you in your digestion process. These natural properties can also help you against cold.

How does Baheda do against Depression?

Using Baheda to fight Depression is one of the most underrated ways. Baheda has many anti-depressant properties that can make your bad, dull mood go away. Along with it, They also help you focus more on the work that you are doing. Due to these reasons, Baheda does very well against Depression.

Does Baheda heal wounds?

Yes, Baheda does a good job at healing wounds. Although it won't make your wound disappear, it will slowly decrease the wound's size and close it up and eventually completely heal it.

 ( Disclaimer : The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or ayurvedic doctor. )  

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