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Badi Elaichi : Health Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects

By NS Desk | Herbs | Posted on :   06-Nov-2020

BadiElaichi, which is a spice crop, is commonly known as Black cardamom. This spice is used in Ayurveda as it has many medicinal and healing properties. For many years, BadiElaichi is used for preparing ayurvedic medicines. This spice crop has beneficial properties to treat many health problems like diabetes and heart problems. It has antioxidant properties, which help lower blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of heart problems. Other properties of BadiElaichi include Ushna that is beneficial for cough and cold. 

Properties of BadiElaichi:

BadiElaichi has so many essential properties that are helpful in the treatment of various problems related to the overall health of the body. Some of these properties of BadiElaichiare as follow:

●        Antioxidant properties

●        Ushna- this is the hot property of BadiElaichi.

●        Anti-inflammatory property.

●        Anti-diabetic property

●        Anti-microbial property

●        Deepan property

●        Kapha balancing property

Historical uses of BadiElaichi: 

BadiElaichi or black cardamom, is used to treat various health problems, and it is also used in Ayurvedic treatments. BadiElaichi is also called the queen of spices as it contains several health benefits. People consume BadiElaichi in different forms. The most common forms are:

●        BadiElaichi essential oil- The oil of this spice is used for tissue injuries, swellings of tissues or muscles, and rheumatism. 

●        BadiElaichi powder- This spice is used as a powder from ancient times to treat indigestion problems. 

●        BadiElaichi in food- People from ancient times have been using BadiElaichi in food for a fresh aroma. 

Benefits of BadiElaichi in Ayurvedic treatment:

BadiElaichi has many health benefits when it comes to Ayurvedic treatment. The Spice is used with other ayurvedic medicines for treating various problems. Let us have a look at some issues that could be treated with the help of this Spice.

1.     Helps with cough and cold

BadiElaichi has Kapha balancing and Ushna properties, which helps in the treatment of cough and cold. The common cause of cough is the mucus that is formed in the respiratory tract. BadiElaichi helps to reduce the amount of mucus from the respiratory tract with its Ushna property, which helps in melting down the mucus as it is a hot property of the Spice. 

Ayurvedic tip for treatment of cough and cold with BadiElaichi

You could follow the tip mentioned-below to reduce the symptoms of cough and cold.

  1. The burnt leaves of BadiElaichi are very beneficial for the treatment of cough and cold. The burnt leaves can be consumed by turning them into ashes and mixing them with 1-2 teaspoons of mustard oil. 
  2. This way, the ashes mixed with mustard oil will help in reducing cough and cold.  

Improves the appetite 

The appetite is low when you have a weak digestive system, and BadiElaichi is known for its digestive benefits. The Spice has Deepan property, which helps in the fast digestion of food and improves the overall appetite. If the food is not digested correctly, the gastric juice is not secreted correctly, which leads to low appetite. However, BadiElaichi helps in the proper secretion of these gastric juices from the stomach and thus improves a person's appetite. 

Ayurvedic tip for improving the appetite of a person using BadiElaichi

You can follow these tips for improving your appetite:

  1. The first step is grinding BadiElaichi in a grinder to make powder.
  2. You could take about 1-1.5 grams of BadiElaichi powder and mix it with honey or water according to your preference.
  3. You can consume these two times a day for better digestion and improved appetite. 

3.     Helps in the treatment of Asthma 

Asthma is a problem that causes difficulty in breathing due to Vata and Kapha. BadiElaichi has properties that balance Vata and Kaphadoshas and provide relief to Asthma patients because of its Ushna properties, which help melt the mucus from the respiratory tract.

4.     Helps in the treatment of joint pain

BadiElaichi oil is used for the treatment of joint pain. Because of the Vata imbalance, a person can suffer from joint pain. However, BadiElaichi has Vata balancing properties, which help treat joint pain when the oil of BadiElaichi is massaged on the joints. 

Ayurvedic tip for the treatment of joint pain using oil of BadiElaichi 

You can follow these tips for the treatment of joint pain:

●        The first step is rubbing a few drops of BadiElaichi oil on your joints.

●        You have the option of mixing the oil of BadiElaichi with olive or mustard oil. However, if you don’t want to mix it with any other oil, you can apply the BadiElaichi oil directly to the affected area.

●        Massage the oil on the affected area for 4-5 minutes. 

●        Repeat this process before sleeping every night.

Usage of BadiElaichi for ayurvedic treatment:

BadiElaichi is used for ayurvedic treatment in different forms; check out how you can consume this medicinal spice for your ayurvedic treatment. 

1.     BadiElaichipowder with honey or water 

You can consume BadiElaichi powder with some honey or water. You can follow the steps down below to consume BadiElaichi powder:

  1. You can take about 1-1.5 grams of BadiElaichi powder.
  2. Take one-two full teaspoon of honey and mix well to consume. You also have the option of mixing BadiElaichi powder in half glass of water for consuming it.
  3. It would help if you took this once or twice a day after meals for better results and to get rid of problems like indigestion.

2.     BadiElaichi in food items

You can use BadiElaichi in food items for health benefits and have good taste. Follow these steps:

  1. Take 6-7 BadiElaichi and crush them into smaller pieces.
  2. You can now add these crushed pieces of BadiElaichi in your dishes while cooking.
  3. BadiElaichi in dishes helps to give them a fresh aroma and adds a little bit of flavor.
  4. Some food items in which you can put BadiElaichi are:

●       Dal

●       Stew

●       Curries

3.     BadiElaichi as a mouth freshener

You can consume BadiElaichi as a mouth freshener:

  1. BadiElaichi could be used as a mouth freshener and for getting rid of bad breath.
  2. You can take a few pieces of BadiElaichi and chew them after your meals to get rid of bad breath.

4.     BadiElaichi as a massage oil

You could use BadiElaichi for extracting oil and using it for massaging. Follow these steps:

a.      Please take a few pieces of BadiElaichi and extract the oil from it.

b.      You can now use this oil for massaging and getting rid of joint pains.

c.       You can mix the BadiElaichi oil with mustard or olive for a body massage if you want.

d.      You can apply the oil before going to sleep to get relief from body pain.

Precautionary guide for using BadiElaichi:

Certain precautions must be considered before you consume BadiElaichi. Check out certain precautions that must be followed seriously:

●       For breastfeeding ladies:

According to scientific studies, there is not enough evidence to support whether BadiElaichi could be consumed by breastfeeding ladies. Therefore, you must consult your doctor about the consumption of BadiElaichi. 

●       For pregnant ladies:

It is essential to consult your doctors if you are pregnant and want to consume BadiElaichi. 

FAQ about BadiElaichi:

What is the taste of Black Elaichi?

When the BadiElaichi is burnt and dried over an open fire, it turns into black Elaichi, which gives a smoky and strong aroma and taste when added to food items or directly chewed. 

Can green or ChotiElaichi be replaced with black Elaichi?

Green and ChotiElaichi offer entirely different tastes than black Elaichi, which has a strong and smoky flavor. On the other hand, green Elaichi is sweet. Therefore, you cannot replace green or ChotiElaichi with black Elaichi as each of them has different flavors and aroma.

Can BadiElaichi be added to daily food dishes?

BadiElaichi is added to Indian food dishes for a fresh aroma and taste. At the same time, it provides many health benefits. Therefore, BadiElaichi can be added to savory dishes for flavor and health. 

How can you store BadiElaichi safely?

You must store BadiElaichi in an air-tight container and make sure you keep the container in a cool and dry area away from direct sunlight. If maintained properly, you can store BadiElaichi for a few years. 

Does BadiElaichi have health benefits for the heart?

BadiElaichi has antioxidant properties that reduce the amount of insufficient cholesterol level, which is harmful to your heart and helps in stimulating good cholesterol levels. Therefore, BadiElaichi is very good for the heart, and it may help reduce the risk of heart problems. 

Is BadiElaichi used for the treatment of Diabetes?

There are two views to this question. Check out the scientific view and the ayurvedic view for the treatment of diabetes using BadiElaichi.



  According to scientific studies, BadiElaichi has anti-diabetic properties that are beneficial for the treatment of diabetes. BadiElaichi has antioxidants that help eliminate stress and anxiety and keep the pancreatic cells safe. This way, the blood sugar level of the patients is controlled.

  According to ayurvedic studies, BadiElaichi helps eliminate bad toxic remains of the body called Ama, which is the leading cause of an increase in sugar levels of a patient. Since BadiElaichi has the Ushna property, the blood sugar levels are controlled.

Does BadiElaichi have health benefits for the liver?

BadiElaichi has a hepatoprotective property, which is beneficial for the liver. Since BadiElaichi also has antioxidants, your liver cells can be protected against certain infections and diseases. The spice can be used in dishes while cooking, or you also have the option of chewing the BadiElaichi after meals. 

Does BadiElaichi have health benefits for the kidneys?

BadiElaichi is known to decrease the creatinine and urea levels in the blood, which is beneficial for the kidneys. The antioxidants in BadiElaichi helps protect the cells from damage. Therefore, we can say that BadiElaichi has many health benefits for the kidneys.

Is BadiElaichi useful for the treatment of gastric ulcers?

BadiElaichi has gastroprotective properties that are beneficial for treating gastric ulcers as it helps reduce gastric damage by raising the mucous secretion.

Is BadiElaichi good for digestion?

There are two views to this question. Check out the scientific view and the ayurvedic view for the treatment of indigestion.



According to scientific studies, BadiElaichi has properties that are helpful for the digestion of food and improve the functions of the stomach. 

  According to ayurvedic studies, BadiElaichi has deepan property, which improves digestion and increases the appetite of a person. 

Does consuming BadiElaichi help in improving memory in women?

BadiElaichi increases the estrogen hormone level in women during or after menopause, making the memory strong and sharp. Estrogen hormones are responsible for maintaining the brain functions and also prevent diseases like Alzheimer's in women. 

Can we treat wrinkles with BadiElaichi?

BadiElaichi has many skin benefits as it protects the skin from harmful rays and keeps it wrinkled free. This is because of the antioxidant properties of BadiElaichi that prevent fast aging. An anti-aging cream with BadiElaichi as an ingredient can help treat wrinkles. You also have the option of grinding a few BadiElaichi for making a thick paste; you can then apply this paste on the wrinkled areas. 

Can inflammatory conditions be treated with BadiElaichi?

Inflammatory conditions like swelling of muscles, joint pains, or some tissue injuries can be treated with BadiElaichi oil. You can massage the affected area with BadiElaichi oil to prevent inflammation. This is because of the anti-inflammatory properties of BadiElaichi, which are great for the treatment of inflammatory conditions. 

Can you treat the oral infection with BadiElaichi?

BadiElaichi prevents the pathogens from attacking the mouth due to its antimicrobial properties, which can help treat and control oral infections. To prevent oral diseases, you can chew a few BadiElaichi after meals. 

( Disclaimer : The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or ayurvedic doctor. )

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