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Religious and Ayurvedic Importance of Amla and Tulsi

By NS Desk | Herbs | Posted on :   25-Nov-2020

In Indian religion and philosophy, trees, plants, and all the elements of nature have been said to have great importance for the life of man. According to Hindu philosophy, human life is governed by nature and it is necessary to understand it. Nature itself has the ability to eradicate disease and bereavement. Let's know what is Amla and Tulsi religious and Ayurvedic importance.

Tulsi Religious Importance:

1. Basil leaf is most loved by Lord Vishnu. When offering bhog to God or offering water to him, then it is necessary to keep a leaf of Tulsi in it.

2. According to the Puranic legend, Vrinda committed self-immolation when Jalandhar's wife Vrinda was dissolved by Vishnu, then a Tulsi plant was born over her ashes. Tulsi is the form of Goddess Vrinda whom Lord Vishnu considers more than dear Lakshmi.

3. At the time of churning the sea, a few drops of the urn of nectar fell on the earth. Due to the same effect, many types of medicines were born, one of them was Tulsi.

4. Tulsi wedding is organized every year on the Ekadashi of Kartik month. Tulsi is married to Shaligram on Ekadashi day.

Ayurvedic Importance of Tulsi:

1. There are three main types of Tulsi - Krishna Tulsi, White Tulsi, and Ram Tulsi, out of which Krishna Tulsi is considered popular.

2. There is no disease and mourning due to eating basil leaves. Tulsi also has the potential to eliminate diseases like cancer.

3. Water can be purified by adding some fresh leaves of basil to the contaminated water. Both basil and copper have the capability to purify water.

4. Wearing a rosary of Tulsi brings peace of mind, increases self-confidence, and awakens sattvic feelings. The rosary of Tulsi has electric power. Wearing a rosary of Tulsi also provides relief in fever, cold, headache, skin diseases. There is also a religious belief that infectious diseases and premature death do not happen. Wearing Tulsi Mala provides benefits in a person's digestive power, high fever, brain diseases, and many air related diseases.

5. If you sit for some time every day by applying posture near Tulsi, then you get rid of diseases like breathing and asthma, etc.

6. Diabetes, blood disorders, Vata, bile, cancer, etc. defects are eliminated by taking 4 leaves of basil daily on an empty stomach in the morning.

The Religious Importance of Amla:

1. According to mythological belief, Lord Vishnu resides on the Amla tree from Kartik Shukla Paksha Navami to Purnima. That is why this tree is worshiped.

2. It is also said that on this day Lord Krishna left his Bal Leela and left the streets of Vrindavan and went to Mathura.

3. Amla is the most beloved fruit of Lord Vishnu and all the Gods and Goddesses are inhabited in the Amla tree, so its worship is prevalent.

4. Worshiping the Amla tree gets the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses. Fasting on this day also brings children. It is believed that by worshiping the Amla tree, circumambulation 108 times fulfills wishes.

5. Worshiping the Amla tree along with Vishnu on this day leads to the attainment of renewable virtue. Donation done on Amla Navami gives many times more benefits as compared to other days. According to theology, bathing, donating, traveling on this day achieves renewable virtue.

Ayurvedic Importance of Amla:

1. Amla has been considered healthy in Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, amla is an age-enhancing fruit, it has been considered similar to nectar. Age is increased very slowly by taking the appropriate amount of it every day. Glow on the face.

2. Amla powder, mixed with sugar, eating or drinking in water provides relief from acidity. Apart from this, drinking Amla juice helps to get rid of all stomach problems.

3. In the absence of hemoglobin in the blood, taking amla juice daily is very beneficial. Amla helps in the formation of red blood cells in the body and does not allow blood loss.

4. Amla nectar is similar to eyes, it helps in increasing the light of the eyes. For that, taking one spoon of Amla powder with honey daily is beneficial.

5. Long-term hair remains black and thick after consuming amla.

6. Amla is the best natural source of Vitamin C which is never destroyed. Vitamin C is such a delicate element that is destroyed by the effect of heat, but amla is not destroyed. Amla has the power to destroy many diseases like dah, pandu, blood pressure, anorexia, tridosha, asthma, cough, respiratory disease, constipation, caries, chest diseases, heart disease, urinary disorders, etc. It increases virility.

7. It is believed that if cooked by eating food under the gooseberry tree, then all diseases disappear. Those who work hard should take amla regularly through any method throughout the year. Regular intake of Indian gooseberry provides strength and strength in the brain.

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