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Achyranthes Aspera : Health Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects

By NS Desk | Herbs | Posted on :   03-Nov-2020

Achyranthes Aspera is a plant species that is considered a wildflower or weed. This plant can grow in tropical areas without any actual planting of the seed. Although this plant is a weed, it has many health benefits that are unique and quick. Consumption of Achyranthes seeds can help you reduce your body weight, considering the fat eliminating elements in the seeds. This plant can also be very helpful for your digestion.

Along with the remedies, Achyranthes Aspera has side effects too, and although they aren't major, they can be irritating, literally. If the plant comes in direct contact with the skin, then you can feel irritation around that area. This might not sound like a huge drawback, but it still is.

Usually, the seeds and leaves are edible and are eaten by many tribes.

Whenever you try to administer the plant or its leaves, you have to make sure that you mix it with milk or irritate your skin when in contact. Medical science has also approved that there are many medical benefits of using these plants. Many doctors recommend capsules or juices to the people who want to reduce weight. Even the experts in piles and fistula use this to cure it.

Many doctors recommend this plant even with this side effect due to its amazing remedies to wounds, digestion, and body weight. This plant can be useful in maintaining the overall health of a person. All in all, this plant has been very beneficial in terms of health to many individuals, but you have to take the guidance of a doctor before using this plant.

Where did Achyranthes Aspera originate from?

This plant's exact origin isn't clear, but it is assumed to have come from South-East Asia or Africa. In the early days of discovery, many didn't know how to use this plant medically, and hence they used it as a substitute for spinach and added them in their cooking. The plant eventually went global and has been used for many health-related problems.

What health-related problems can Achyranthes Aspera treat?

Even though this plant is considered as a wild plant, it has many health benefits. The following are the health-related problems that Achyranthes Aspera can cure:

  • Piles or Fistula 

This plant can loosen stool and hence reducing the chances of having Piles or Fistula.

  • Indigestion 

Achyranthes Aspera has many digestive properties, which can be useful if you have any digestion related problem.

  • Renal Calculus 

Achyanthes Aspera can help break down kidney stones with its helpful properties.

  • Cough and Cold

Apamarga Kshar is hot in potency, and due to this, it can help you curing your cough and cold.

  • Worms

The plant has anti-worm properties, which can help you reduce the current of having worms in your gut.

  • Cholera

Usually, the roots of Achyranthes Aspera are turned into a powdered form to relieve cholera. This is a very effective solution.

  • Wounds

This plant can be used to treat any wounds inflicted by sharp objects. Firstly, the leaves of this plant are thoroughly soaked and applied to the wound area. The juices present in the leaves treat the wound after 2-3 days.

  • Weight loss  


                   Scientific view

                        Ayurvedic view

Yes, Achyranthea Aspera can be used to lose weight. Weight gain can be a huge problem for your health as it affects the longevity of your life. Weight gain happens due to the accumulation of excess fat in your body. 


- Achyranthea Aspera is used to lose weight or excessive fat. The plant has many laxatives and digestive enzymes that can clear your bowel movements, hence preventing toxins or fat in your body.

Available forms through which you can ingest Achyranthes Aspera

Achyranthes Aspera can be found in many forms that can be ingested by people. Juice, powder, and capsules are some of the most common forms of this plant. Whatever form this plant is available in, you need to take the recommended dosages after consulting a doctor as taking excess dosage can lead to many side effects. Not taking enough can lead to no result. The following are the dosage recommendation:

  • Achyranthes Aspera capsules can be ingested by an individual twice in a day. These capsules are many from specific parts of the plants, which people then administer depending on their doctor's recommendation.
  • The crushed leaves of this plant can treat wounds caused by dog bites and sharp objects.
  • Achyranthes Aspera juice is also available. 1-2 teaspoons can be mixed with water and then be drunk. You cannot directly drink this juice due to the high concentration of the enzymes present in it. Diluting it with water or honey can level out the concentration and give you results without major side effects.
  • Achyranthes Aspera churna must be taken by the person twice a day in ¼-½ teaspoons quantity. Churna is a kind of power made from the plant. According to the doctor's recommended dosage, the individual can ingest this powder to cure health problems.

These are the commonly used ways of taking Achyranthes Aspera, but yes, meet a doctor before going any further.

Which parts of Achyranthea Aspera are used?

When you consider a plant, many parts of it are used for many purposes. Medical plant-like Achyranthea Aspera has many usable parts that can be beneficial to a particular individual's health. The roots, seed, and leaves are used in making capsules and juices for treatment. In some cases, even the whole plant is used depending on the usage.

These parts of the plants are then converted into ways that humans can ingest with the correct dosage.

Side effects of Achyranthea Aspera

It is common to have side effects of a particular treatment depending upon the health of the individual. Although Achyranthea Aspera doesn't have many side effects, these side effects can be dangerous, and precautions must be taken to avoid these side effects. Achyranthea Aspera has high potency, causing a burning sensation or irritation when directly applied to the skin. So, it is recommended to mix a few cooling agents like milk before using it as a cure to your skin-related problems.

Using an excess of this plant can also cause nausea, so you need to make sure to consult the doctor for the correct dosage recommendation. These are the two major issues that you will face when looking at Achyranthea Aspera as a solution to your health-related problems.

Measures to be taken when using Achyranthes Aspera

  • The following are the advice from experts who recommend the usage of Achyranthes Aspera:
  • Achyanthes Aspera must be taken in the recommended quantity, considering how high dosage can cause side effects
  • It is recommended to go to a doctor before you try this plant to solve your health-related issue.
  • During breastfeeding, the ingestion of Achyranthes Aspera must be completely avoided or can be taken based on the doctor’s recommendation.
  • While pregnant, it is recommended to go to a doctor to get advice on the plant's usage.
  • If a child is under 12 years of age, Achyanthes Aspera must be taken in very small amounts.

Those as mentioned earlier are a few of the advice of experts. Still, either way, it will be safe for any individual to visit the doctor before ingesting Achyranthes Aspera to solve health-related problems.

Where can you buy juices and churna of Achyrantheas Aspera?

If you want to use Achyrantheas Aspera to solve your health-related problems, then you might go to the doctor as they will give you the correct dosage and form of Achyrantheas Aspera. Along with the dosage, they will also give you the retailer name who will sell the capsules, churna, or juice. But you can also find it in various online stores. The price may seem a bit high online as compared to offline stores, but then again, it all comes down to your comfort and preference. So yes, you can buy them either online or offline.

FAQs about Achyrantheas Aspera

●        Can Achyrantheas Aspera heal wounds?

                  Scientific View

                   Ayurvedic View

Yes, they can heal wounds when applied to the wounds. It only works when a sharp object pierces your skin.


- For the plant to heal the wound, you need to soak the leaves of the plant completely and apply them to your wound and leave it for 2 days. You can see the improvement in your wound from the initial stages of the accident. It is important to put the leaves in milk or a cooling agent as the leaves have hot potency and can irritate your skin.

●     How does Achyrantheas Aspera do against ulcers?

                       Scientific View

                           Ayurvedic View

- Achyrantheas Aspera is used to treat ulcers as it contains enzymes that can reduce the effect of ulcers and give you relief from the pain. Although this needs to be applied with guidance and regularly to be relieved from ulcers.

It would help if you had 5-10ml of this juice, which needs to be diluted for the best results. This process needs to be repeated for the reduction of ulcers. Every time you use this method, you can see how amazing this works to nullify ulcers' effect.



●        Does Achyrantheas Aspera reduce body weight?

                Scientific View

                    Ayurvedic View

- Yes, Achyrantheas Aspera does a good job of reducing the overall weight of an individual.

Fats get accumulated in the body in various areas, leading to increased body weight; Achyrantheas Aspera is a good alternative to help you reduce your body weight. Achyrantheas Aspera gives you trouble-free bowel movement, which will lead to excretion of the fats that usually accumulate in your body. Hence, this can reduce the body weight of a person.


●        How can Achyrantheas Aspera help in depression?

Studies have found that the alcoholic extracts of this particular plant's roots have shown an antidepressant effect on lab rats. However, this hasn't been proved or used for humans. So, it is not preferred to use this plant as an alternative to treat depression.

( Disclaimer : The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or ayurvedic doctor. )

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