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Testing, prevention are key: Sonia

By NS Desk | Health News | Posted on :   10-Apr-2020

New Delhi, April 10 (IANS) Congress interim chief Sonia Gandhi held a video conference with all state Congress Committee Presidents on Friday to chart out a comprehensive strategy to combat and contain the threat of Covid-19 in India.

Sonia said citizens who are stranded overseas must be given proper assurance that they get all necessary support by Indian Embassies.

In a 3-hour discussion the party chief said "Testing rates in India continue to be amongst the lowest in the world (with roughly 120 tests per Million) and the government has been unable to respond expeditiously to meet this requirement."

She exhorted the PCC presidents to ensure that reliable testing mechanisms are ramped up and made available to every single citizen in a rapid fashion.

As per Supreme Court's order earlier this week, the party has directed the Congress workers must ensure that the same is complied with and every individual seeking a test, is administered one free of cost.

Sonia Gandhi requested the PCC presidents to ensure state governments provide a steady and sufficient supply of personal protective equipment - masks, gloves, coveralls etc, especially to frontline workers who are at the gravest risk of infection.

She also requested the states to ensure that state governments work towards identifying and designating separate Covid-hospitals and facilities so that the infection is not transmitted to non-Covid patients.

" Financial incentives for Corona Warriors are non-negotiable. Doctors, Nurses, Medical Personnel, Police, Safai Karamcharis must be given adequate financial protection - both in the form of better insurance and wage support where necessary, in addition to the amount currently allocated (which covers only select categories of frontline workers)," said Sonia.

Farmers need special assistance. Procurement support for farmers is a vital necessity that has implications for every single Indian citizen.



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