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Red zones, buffer zones announced in Kulgam district

By NS Desk | Health News | Posted on :   08-Apr-2020

Srinagar, April 8 (IANS) The District Magistrate of Kulgam, Showkat Aijaz Bhat, on Wednesday issued an order announcing red zones and buffer zones in Kulgam district after the detection of the first Covid-19 case in the district in south Kashmir.

The DM, who is also the Chairman of the disaster management authority, said the Covid-19 case detected in Kulgam is a resident of Reshipora Ward No. 4 and has a contact history with a Covid-19 positive case.

"The said affected person is residing in Ward No. 4 and there is likelihood of a mass contact by this person as he is said to have met many people in the aforementioned ward due to which the said ward has become vulnerable for further transmission of the Covid-19 virus," the DM said.

In order to break the further transmission chain in the area, it has become imperative to take further stringent precautionary measures like declaring the area/locations as red zones/containment zones and their surrounding areas as buffer zones, the DM's order read.

"The Reshipora Ward No. 4 has been declared as a red zone. The other wards, namely Naikpora-A and B Ward No. 2, Noorbagh Ward No. 5 and Goripora Ward No. 3 have been declared as buffer zones," it added.

The order said that there shall be no inward or outward movement of any person from these wards.

"There shall be complete lockdown in all these wards. There shall be no vehicular movement on interior roads of Kulgam town," the order added.



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