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Rat bites off cancer patient's toe in Agra hospital

By NS Desk | Health News | Posted on :   06-May-2020

Agra -The toe of a 40-year-old cancer patient, was nibbled off by a rat at the SN Medical College in Agra.

The patient, Sakshi Khandelwal had been in 'agonizing' pain since the past four days and on Tuesday, when her husband pulled off her blanket, he found her left foot in a pool of blood. Part of the toe missing.

Husband Indra Khandelwal, told reporters: "Her sample was collected for testing of Covid-19. The report was negative. No doctor came to attend to my wife and no radiotherapy was given to her.

"After four days of admission, staffers just provided oxygen support to my wife when she was having difficulty in breathing. When I found that her toe had been bitten off by rats, the hospital did not even provide first aid. I had to go out and buy a bandage and ointment."

A video showing bleeding foot of the woman, and her husband's desperate calls for help went viral on Tuesday afternoon.

Later, Sakshi, in spite of her poor health, was 'forcibly' discharged from the hospital.

The Khandelwals, who are residents of Loha Mandi area, said that the patient was discharged instead of being treated.

Sakshi was diagnosed with cancer in June 2019. She was getting treatment from a cancer specialist in New Agra area but the facility was closed due to the ongoing lockdown.

On April 28, when her health deteriorated, the family members took her to SN Medical College.

District Magistrate Prabhu N. Singh said, "I have seen the video of the patient and her husband. I am inquiring about it from the SN Medical College administration. Suitable action will be taken against the guilty and the patient will be provided required treatment."

The medical college administration remained unavailable for comment. (Agency)

NS Desk

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