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Noida: 40 got corona infection from UK-based auditor

By NS Desk | Health News | Posted on :   13-Apr-2020

Noida, April 13 (IANS) The Noida district authorities and health officials have been scrambling for a month to find out how many people had come in contact with a UK-based auditor who was on a visit to the city for a Noida-based company.

Noida District Magistrate Suhas LY said, "Today results of several samples have come. It is very difficult to tell the exact number as to how many people came in contact with the UK-based auditor. But according to my information, there are at least 40 people who got the infection from the auditor out of a total of 64 positive cases in the city."

The UK-based auditor, who works for Ceasefire Industries Pvt Ltd, landed at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport and went to Uttarakhand for two days before coming to Noida where he stayed in a hotel in Sector 135 and left for England on March 19, a few days before the lockdown began in the country.

Coronavirus cases in Noida began to rise in the third and fourth week of March and authorities believe this auditor has a big role to play in this. Those who have been infected belong to Ceasefire company or people who came in contact with them.

The first coronavirus positive case in Noida was reported on March 8 and till March 21 five more cases were found. The UK-based auditor went back on March 19 and then there was a spurt in cases. Till March 27, the number of Covid-19 cases rose to 17.

On March 23, a woman residing in Sector-137 informed the health officials about Covid-19 symptoms. She said her husband was in touch with a UK-based man in his office. On March 24, the woman and her husband tested positive for the virus, following which the society was sealed for three days. On March 25, their daughter also tested positive. The same day, another couple from Noida's Sector 50 was also examined, who tested positive after coming in contact with the Sector-137 couple. This is how the virus spread in Noida.



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