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Mohali woman, 81, defeats coronavirus in Punjab

By NS Desk | Health News | Posted on :   09-Apr-2020

Chandigarh, April 9 (IANS) An 81-year-old woman, who defeated coronavirus in Punjab, here on Thursday urged people to stay indoor to protect themselves from the infection.

According to a video shared by Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Twitter, Kulwant Nirmal of Mohali, a diabetes and hypertension patient, tested positive for coronavirus.

But her will to fight overshadowed everything, and now she is healthy and at home.

She is among the patients in the state who have recovered from the infection. In her video message, she said with folded hands: "Doctors took care of me. Never be afraid of the disease. Follow whatever the government and the doctors are saying."

"Keep your will power strong. Have courage and do prayers. Waheguru will save you," the octogenarian said.

Her son Gurminder Singh said he was quarantined in the home along with the other family members when her mother was admitted to a private hospital.

Her mother, a diabetes and hypertension patient for 30 years, was the only coronavirus case in the family, he said.

Harpal Singh, sarpanch of Pathlawa village, as well as seven others from S.B.S. Nagar, tested negative multiple times for Covid-19 and were declared fully cured. Fourteen patients in Punjab have been cured.



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