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LU experts to help UP cops deal with corona stress

By NS Desk | Health News | Posted on :   12-Apr-2020

Lucknow, April 12 (IANS) The Lucknow University (LU) will now help the police personnel who are over-stressed, working on lockdown conditions. An agreement between the university administration and police department was signed over the weekend in this regard.

University officials said that professors of the psychology department will be in touch with the police personnel, deployed at the emergency response service 112 of the state police.

"The workload of police personnel, deployed at 112, has increased manifold due to the ongoing lockdown. They are now handling calls from people, stuck in the lockdown with no food or medicine. They are also dealing with usual crime incidents. This excess work pressure is putting undue stress on the police personnel," said a senior police official.

As per the agreement, teachers will help police personnel, who are overstressed, due to long hours of work and are dealing with personal risk and emotional trauma every day. Coordinator of this programme will be Dr Archana Shukla from the department of psychology.

Earlier, the university had started its online/telephonic counselling for students, suffering from anxiety and other mental disorders to help them during the lockdown.

According to experts, people with underlying mental health issues face several difficulties in the lockdown. The LU is offering its services through counselling of students of the university to empower them with right information and much needed emotional support.

Teachers of the psychology department are providing counselling services to those suffering in any manner due to the isolation, experienced during the crucial period of self-quarantine after the Corona outbreak.



NS Desk

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