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Lockdown prevents kin from immersing ashes of deceased kin

By NS Desk | Health News | Posted on :   13-Apr-2020

Bhopal, April 13 (IANS) The 21-day nationwide lockdown is coming in the way of Hindus, who have passed away across Madhya Pradesh during the period due to various illnesses or other reasons, from attaining salvation. At least for the time being.

Their families have not been able to performing certain rituals as mandated by the Hindu religion once cremation has taken place.

As per Hindu funereal practice, the ashes of the deceased persons are collected two-three days after cremation and immersed in the flowing waters of sacred rivers. This practice, Hindus believe, leads to ‘moksha' or salvation to the human soul.

However, the lockdown has put a temporary stop on this practice, following which the bereaved families are forced to hang the urns containing ashes on trees, or cowsheds, or other places considered sacred.

The Subhashnagar resthouse Trust Shobhraj Sukhani said many families had kept the ashes of their kin with them and were awaiting lifting of the lockdown.

Another difficulty faced by bereaved families is that they are not allowed to take the bodies from one city or town to another and are forced to cremate these at the place of death only, and that too in the presence of only five persons.



NS Desk

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