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Lockdown extension important but no community spread: Kejriwal

By NS Desk | Health News | Posted on :   14-Apr-2020

New Delhi, April 14 (IANS) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday said the lockdown extension was important but slammed the people spreading hate at such a time.

Speaking to the media, Kejriwal said people who are posting hate videos on Twitter are betraying India.

"Even when the country is facing such a crisis, people are posting Hindu-Muslim videos and trying to instigate hate. This is against nature and the country. Such people are betraying India. We all have to work together to take the nation and its fight against coronavirus forward."

Kejriwal also said the area with three or more coronavirus cases are being sealed and announced as containment zones. So far, 47 areas have been sealed in the city.

"Delhi is being sanitised with help of 60 hi-tech machines. We have also made containment zones across the city. I will be visiting some of the containment zones in Delhi on Wednesday to ensure that all essential services are being provided with strict implementation of the precautions," he said.

On the jump in positive cases in the city, Kejriwal said he is worried, but contended that it is not community spread.

"The cases have increased a lot in the last few days. This is an issue of worry. I am worried. Delhi had an additional burden to deal with the patients coming from abroad. They came to other cities as well. But maximum came in Delhi and so Delhi had most people from abroad --including some of the worst hit countries," he said.

He said while the patients traveling from abroad belonged to other states, they were asked to stay in Delhi to avoid further spread of the infection. He also said the cases from the Nizamuddin Markaz also contributed in the numbers.

"We are working together in this. The lockdown extension was important. We have to keep following the lockdown for more time."

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday extended the countywide lockdown due to coronavirusA till May 3.

Delhi has so far reported 28 Covid deaths and 1,510 coronavirus cases since the outbreak of the infection.



NS Desk

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