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Karnataka sets up panel to study Covid data, provide advice

By NS Desk | Health News | Posted on :   13-Apr-2020

Bengaluru, April 13 (IANS) The Karnataka government has set up an expert committee to analyse Covid data every day to advise on interventions, an official said on Monday.

"The following committee is constituted to analyse Covid data every day and advise the government on interventions to be taken," said Additional Chief Secretary, Health and Family Welfare, Jawaid Akhtar.

Members of the committee include public health expert M.K. Sudarshan, PHFI epidemiologist Giridhar Babu and NIMHANS virologist V Ravi/Anita.

Other members are NIMHANS epidemiologist Pradeep/Gururaj, BMCRI pulmonologist K. Ravi, and Joint Director, Health Department, Prakash.

Major expectations from the committee include studying the epidemiology of Corona cases to report to government, ascertain how different patients got infected, and suggest administrative measures to break the Covid contagion chain and maintain distancing.

They will also analyse the treatment given to different patients and suggest any change, if required, added Akhtar.



NS Desk

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