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K'taka to strictly follow extended lockdown guidelines: CM

By NS Desk | Health News | Posted on :   14-Apr-2020

Bengaluru, April 14 (IANS) Karnataka would strictly follow the extended lockdown guidelines to be issued on Wednesday by the Centre, said Chief minister B.S. Yediyruappa on Tuesday.

"I welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi's decision to extend the 21-day lockdown by 18 days till May 3 for containing the Covid-19 spread across the country," Yediyurappa told reporters here.

In 25-minute nationwide address in Hindi earlier in the day from New Delhi, Modi said the 3-week lockdown was being extended up to May 3 to break the coronavirus chain from spreading.

"As Modi advised, lockdown would be stringently followed till April 20 and the situation across the state will be closely monitored," said the chief minister in Kannada.

Appealing to the people to cooperate with the state government in containing the deadly disease and bear hardships arising out of extending the lockdown, Yediyurappa said healthcare facilities and infrastructure have been improved in the state over the last two months.

"I also appeal to the people of the state to follow the 7 steps the prime minister gave in his address, especially in taking care of elders and those suffering from age-related illness at home. A

"Strictly maintain social distancing; enhance immunity, download Arogyasetu App; help the poor and needy; be considerate to your colleagues and employees and not to sack them; respect the police, healthcare professionals, and civic workers," he pointed out.

Asserting no scarcity of medicines, essential services and goods across the southern state, the chief minister said efforts would be made to ensure farmers/growers carry out agricultural activities.

"I appeal to the migrant labour to stay wherever they are and be safe," added Yediyurappa.



NS Desk

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