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Indian Post Office: Happy to help during lockdown

By NS Desk | Health News | Posted on :   12-Apr-2020

New Delhi, April 12 (IANS) In the time of internet revolution, hundreds of social media platforms and email services, the Indian Post was losing its relevance. But recently it has gained respect amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Union Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, on Sunday thanked India Post Office for extending a helping hand to the people in the hour of need.

Taking it to Twitter, the minister said: "Delighted to see how @IndiaPostOffice is catering to the needs of our citizens in one of the most difficult times for humanity. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going."

The minister said this in response to a Twitter user's tweet, Honey Singh who has started a campaign called #workfordoctors and is helping with deliveries of PPE and other medical goods requested by the doctors on his WhatsApp number.

The years old institution helping people in delivering medicines and other essential supplies in the lockdown period. It has also delivered the supply of items sent by Honey Singh.

Prasad in another tweet said, "Indeed KEEPING INDIA POSTED...A India Post!"

In this tweet, which Prasad responded to, one of the postmen of the Post Office helped a twitter user who was anxious to know about the wellbeing of her uncle, staying alone in Karnataka's Dharwad amid lockdown.

The user tweeted "This is a happy thread: My uncle lives alone in Dharwad, Karnataka and we hadn't been able to reach him for the last one week. His phone died, presumably and it's impossible to get any repairs right now. My mother, a former postal employee, had an idea: she called the post office.

"She (the mother) explained the situation to the clerk on the other end, and got the phone number of the postman (remember them?!) who services my uncle's neighbourhood. The postman readily agreed to check on my uncle," the user said.

"He went to my uncle's house, found him healthy and well, and a little confused about why a postman had come looking for him. The postman then called my mother and had my uncle speak to her. He even scolded my uncle for not being in touch with the family, apparently. Moral of the story: thank your postman.

"The India Post office on its official twitter handle has said: "It is requested to mention the complete address and contact details, if possible, while tweeting enquiries about booking & delivery of medicines or other essential items or any other service so that we serve you even better."



NS Desk

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