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Delhi woman IPS officer forgets home for 'corona duty'

By NS Desk | Health News | Posted on :   16-Apr-2020

Everyday Singh begins work by arranging food and other essential items for needy people with the help of her colleagues. She stays with the police staff -- whether men or women -- voluntarily preparing food for poor people, ensuring social distancing and spares time to encourage her female subordinates who are voluntarily preparing masks to distribute.

It has been 22-23 days since the lockdown was implemented but she never thinks of going home as she believes that people need her more than her family. "Hunger, tiredness, boredom or laziness etc., they would capture you whenever you think about these things, hence, I am totally engaged in serving people whether they are common citizens or my staff. I can take rest any time in future but this time people need me," Singh told IANS when asked how she manages.

Speaking about her routine she said, "A total of three -- Dwarka, Outer and West -- districts come under my jurisdiction and I am supposed to supervise them. Besides, on humanitarian grounds and being a senior, I have other responsibilities as well. Hence, I try to reach each and every one of my staff."

When asked how the women police personnel in her area prepare face masks for 10-12 hours on a war-footing besides performing their other duties, she said: "When you do anything with your own will and an intent to serve, then it never feels like a burden, and tiredness can't even touch you."

All the districts in west Delhi share a border with Haryana which increases the possibility of liquor smuggling. The Joint CP said that smugglers tried their best to bring liquor from Haryana to the national capital but the Delhi Police have foiled all their attempts. The best example of it is Haridas Nagar Police Station where the maximum cases of liquor smuggling have been filed. The smugglers believe that no one would check during the lockdown but the police are always one step ahead of criminals.

"For instance, a man tried to smuggle the liquor in LPG cylinder by cutting it from the bottom but the police caught him. In many incidents, the criminals tried to run over the police personnel in an attempt to flee but nothing worked before us. Still, liquor smuggling is a big problem for Delhi Police," Singh concluded.

(Sanjeev Kumar Singh Chauhan can be reached at sanjeev.c@ians.in)


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