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Azamgarg SP offers reward for info on Jamaatis

By NS Desk | Health News | Posted on :   10-Apr-2020

Azamgarh (UP), April 10 (IANS) In an innovative idea to gather information about members of the Tablighi Jamaat who are not coming forward to identify themselves, the Azamgarh police has offered a reward of Rs 5,000 for anyone who gives information about them.

"We have announced the reward and also assured people that their identity will not be disclosed. We hope to get information about Jamaatis who may be hidden in the district," Superintendent of Police Azamgarh Triveni Singh told IANS on Friday.

Azamgarh has a predominantly Muslim population and some areas like Saraimir, Mubarakpur, Char Sikari and Amila have a Muslim population of over 70 per cent.

Sources said that Azamgarh could be a hotspot for Jamaatis because of the population.

Till now Azamgarh has reported four positive corona cases while 38 corona suspects have been put under quarantine.

"We want to contain the spread of corona at all costs. If we get information about Jamaatis, we can quarantine them and get them tested before it is too late," said the SP.



NS Desk

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