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Agra welcomes extension of COVID-19 lockdown

By NS Desk | Health News | Posted on :   14-Apr-2020

Agra April 14 (IANS) The much awaited telecast by Prime Minister Narendra Modi signalling extension of the countrywide lockdown has been widely welcomed in the Taj city battling the dreaded COVID-19 outbreak.

"We had anticipated it, and are mentally prepared to deal with the lockdown. The prime minister's cleverly crafted speech that covered all dimensions of the problem, gives hope as well as directions to cope with the emerging situation," said financial consultant Sudhir Gupta of Vijay Nagar Colony.

Civil society groups have been coordinating with the police and doctors to supplement efforts to plug in the gaps in the supply chain. Food packets are now reaching the targeted groups through the police network.

"It has taken a while, but now the mechanism for supplying essentials to all the localities is being satisfactorily developed and we are promptly responding to demands from families," a municipal official said.

Local corporators and MLAs have joined the operation to fumigate and sanitise the mohallas and colonies, after local MP SP Singh Baghael mobilized 50 odd tractors from rural areas to join the drive to sanitise urban clusters.

The district authorities have upped vigil and tightened restrictions on hotspots in the city, as the daily count of victims showed continued acceleration, requiring firmer controls on movements and screening of potential suspects in 49 red zones of the city.

The three-tiered security rings in the hotspots has made it virtually impossible for anyone to move out or an outsider to gain entry. PAC has also been deployed. Surveillance teams are monitoring suspected households.

The health department has continuously been upgrading and streamlining medical facilities, adding more wards and opening a Covid-19 testing lab at the SN Medical College. Samples will not be sent to Lucknow now.

District Magistrate PN Singh said the top priority was to contain the spread of the virus.

The police has already registered 100 FIRs against violators of restrictions, naming 278 people, and penalising 510 vehicle owners.



NS Desk

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