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Admission halted at Kolkata medical college after Covid-19 death

By NS Desk | Health News | Posted on :   14-Apr-2020

Kolkata, April 14 (IANS) Authorities on Tuesday halted admission in the male and female medicine wards of Kolkata Medical College and Hospital after the death of a coronavirus positive patient.

According to hospital sources, the 62-year-old woman patient was earlier admitted at Charnock hospital with kidney ailments. After the hospital was temporarily closed following the death of a Covid-19 patient after dialysis, she was transferred to the medicine ward of KMCH after her initial examination at the emergency ward on Sunday night.

She was later transferred to the isolation ward for Covid-19 patients where she died on Monday night.

Following her death, admission of patients have been stopped at the male and female medicine wards, and three post-graduate trainees sent to quarantine. More number of doctors and health workers are likely to be sent on quarantine, the sources said.

The PGTs, and other doctors and nurses who came in contact with the patient, would all be tested for Covid-19.

The indoor patients in the medicine ward have been temporarily shifted to another building.

The gynaecology department of KMCH has been shut since Monday after a patient and a health worker tested positive for the viral infection.

On Sunday, the male medicine ward of the RG Kar Medical College and Hospital was closed for 72 hours after two patients tested positive for the coronavirus infection, one of them passing away before the test results were available.

As many as 22 doctors, nurses and health workers involved in the treatment of the two patients have been quarantined. Their swab samples have been sent for testing.

Twelve patients who were admitted in the ward when the duo was under treatment there have been shifted to the isolation ward and kept under close observation.

Earlier, 79 doctors, nurses and other health workers of NRS Medical College and Hospital were put on quarantine after the test results of a young patient who died in the male medicine ward found him coronavirus positive. The ward was also shut for fumigation.

Swab samples of at least 70 of the health workers in NRS have been found to be negative for the coronavirus infection. The test results of the remaining nine are awaited.



NS Desk

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