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Is vegan diet linked to poorer bone health?

By NS Desk | Food and Nutrition | Posted on :   07-Mar-2021

London- People consuming vegan diet may have poorer bone health, suggested a new study.

In a new study, the bone health of vegans as well as people following a mixed-food diet was determined with an ultrasound measurement of the heel bone.

The findings showed that people following a vegan diet had lower ultrasound values compared to the other group, which indicates poorer bone health.

"A vegan diet is often considered health-conscious. However, our scientific findings indicate that a vegan diet does affect bone health," researcher Andreas Hensel from the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, said in a statement.

For the study, the team investigated a study that involved 72 men and women. The bone health of all participants was assessed at the heel bone using ultrasound measurements.

Information on age, smoking status, education, body mass index, physical activity and alcohol consumption was also collected.

By using a statistical model, the team was able to identify a pattern of twelve biomarkers that play an important role in bone health from 28 nutrition- and bone-relevant parameters from blood or urine.

It was shown that in combination vitamins A and B6, the amino acids lysine and leucine, omega-3 fatty acids, selenoprotein P, iodine, thyroid-stimulating hormone, calcium, magnesium and a-Klotho protein were positively associated with bone health.

Conversely, lower concentrations of the hormone FGF23 were observed at higher ultrasound levels in this pattern. (Agency)

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