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5 Foods That Will Keep You Hydrated During Winter

By NS Desk | Food and Nutrition | Posted on :   18-Nov-2020

We are all too conscious that with the starting of the winter season, our water consumption goes down. Nevertheless knowing how crucial it is to keep our bodies well hydrated, we often don't take stress much about drinking water during winter as much as we do during summer. But not staying well hydrated can take a toll on your joint paint, immunity system, body temperature, etc.

Deferent from having water, here are some water loaded veggies that will help you stay hydrated during this winter.


Used to make various lentils and curries, tomatoes are one of the most normally used vegetables. It is packed with 90% water content, which helps the body to keep nourished from within. Tomatoes recommend for weight loss. The best thing about them is, you can intake them uncooked as well.


Cauliflower is the favorite vegetable and Keto friendly of many. It can be added to soups, curries, rice, and salads. The veggie is also contained with water. A cup of shredded cauliflower can supply you with 50ml of water.

Bell Peppers

Green and yellow bell pepper contained high water and thus works amazement in keeping you hydrated. As per studies, bell pepper has 93.9% water. It also has Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, thiamine, folic acid, and beta-carotene.

Olive oil

We all know very well olive oil is one of the best oil choices to cook veggies in. Olive oil is rich in nutrients like good fats, vitamin E, and moisturizes your body internally. Using olive oil on the skin can help you keep your skin nourished, which makes olive oil a marvelous moisturizer for winters.


Chock full rich in several nutrients, spinach is wonderful for your hair, skin and helps retain water in your body during the winter season. Everyone knows that green leafy vegetables have more than 90% water. Not just this, spinach is also contained with vitamin E, fiber, folate, potassium, and lutein. All this makes spinach the best food to be consumed during the winter season.

Consuming these in your food on a daily basis during winter season. That will keep you hydrated during winter. There will be no looking back after this and you will quickly make your way to a Nirog mind and body!

NS Desk

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