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Chyawanprash: A Food For Life

By NS Desk | Food and Nutrition | Posted on :   14-Nov-2017

Want to boost your immune system or looking for a good health supplement, then your search ends here! Nirogstreet offers you the handmade Chyawanprash, which is sugarless. Every one of us wants a healthy life free from disease but in this fast pace of time, we are living a running lifestyle; hence to some extent, health is being neglected. it is the best tonic with amazing health benefits.

It is an ayurvedic supplement prepared with the use of a total of 22 various herbs and natural minerals including a little bit of iron. The base of this jam is amla (Emblica Officinalis) that is rich in vitamin c, which helps in boosting the immune system, gives rejuvenation to the cells, and prevents various diseases. moreover, other herbs have also used that play an important role in uplifting overall well-being.

Why is Chyawanprash used?

It is one of the useful rejuvenating tonics from the Ayurveda used not only in India but also outside the country. In Ayurveda, it comes under the category of Rasayana that focuses to maintain vigor, vitality, prevent aging, development of cells, the functioning of the immune system, and youthfulness, rejuvenation and revitalization is a main priority these days rather than youthfulness. All people want to enhance their body functionality by some supplements to improve their life. It releases the toxins out of the body and relieves the stress. Therefore, it is the most useful tonic that fulfills all needs of the human body and can be preserved for a long period of time, hence this makes it a “food for life”.

How Chyawanprash came into existence?

This formula was prepared by ancient sages to live a young and healthy life. No matter how much we become modern, we still prefer the Grandmother’s tips to stay fit all life. Actually, it not our grandmother’s health tips but a nutritive jam that is coming from Mahabharat time.

Its emergence tale is quite popular in purans; two sages Ashwini Kumar brothers (twins) who were the Ayurvedic Doctors to the devas and kings invented this formula for rishi chyawan to restore youth to the old sage. Thus, the life tonic was named as Chyawanprash. Here ‘Prash’ means ‘food’ in Sanskrit. Its first documented formula comes out in Charak Samhita, an ancient Ayurvedic piece.

Ingredients and taste of Chyawanprash

With the base of amla, its taste is sour. Raw honey, cow ghee, and jaggery are another main ingredient that controls the sour taste of the Chyawanprash. These are the basic and required ingredients used in jam as per Charak Samhita. Also, sandalwood, cardamom, Kesar, cinnamon, ashwagandha, seesam seeds, yogavahis etc are used in this mixture. It looks like semi-molten tar. while manufacturing this jam, some companies use sugar as a preservative agent that lowers the cost of manufacturing. Chyawanprash is prepared with an original method and classical ayurvedic formulation using the finest quality ingredients, which gives it that natural color, great taste, and soft texture

Dosage: 4 teaspoons daily, preferably in the morning, can be taken as it is or with milk, water, or juice. Suitable for all age groups, suitable for diabetic patients and recommend for a post-natal supplement.


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