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Consuming Excessive Protein is not Good for Health !

By Ram N Kumar | Food and Nutrition | Posted on :   27-Oct-2020

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Consuming Excessive Protein is not Good for Health :  People are less affected by Corona or any other flu in countries like India and immunity is the big reason. In the past hundred years, food has been destroyed in the west. People are crazy behind protein and food became no more than raw / boiled meat in the name of the protein.

At the same time, most Americans began eating frozen food due to an excess of resources and lack of time. Even kidney bean and white gram that they eat are hardly soaked and boiled but readymade packed in a tin. Even restaurants have become so lazy that they use similar frozen food.

In India, a common man eats fresh fruits, green vegetables, and not crazy about bodybuilding and protein.

Essential calcium for immunity building, minerals, vitamins are all fresh. Together, spices like turmeric, dhaniya, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon increase immunity in different ways.

Then in the evening, eating tikki golgappa also gave the opportunity to increase the immunity of the body so that it does not become lazy.

Perfect, protein is required but essential protein is readily available in our day to day meals.

There is nothing more harmful than extra protein, you can get over the side effects of carbohydrate and fat, but extra protein disturbs the metabolism of the whole body especially kidney function.

Everything is available in a bowl of lentils, 2 Rotis, 1 glass of milk/buttermilk, one piece of fruit, and one bowl of vegetable, which the body needs.

By the way, in America too, a little boiled vegetable is definitely available with every meal (but that vegetable is also kept in a freezer for a month). At the same time, in India, some urban populations have come to believe that protein is only in animal meat.

In America, the rich eat fresh/organic vegetables, the poor eat burgers. Eating at McDonald's is a sign of poverty. America is also adopting Indian spices. Turmeric milk is available with modern names like turmeric latte.

In the name of modernism, Americans became accustomed to living in closed room twenty-four hours. The body receives neither air nor sunlight thus, no Vitamin D.

So, in a nutshell, eat lots of fruits and green vegetables. Take preventive Ayurveda medicines, drink turmeric milk, eat curd, sprouts and plenty of ghee. Drink kadha, milk, daal paani, chhaach, etc. Apply mustard or any other cold pressed oil on the body. Go out of the house every day in the cold, summer, and rainy season. Don’t forget to soak yourself in the rain.

Let the body become accustomed to nature. Feed plenty of sun to your body, feed the wind, and walk. If you do this, you will be healthy for a lifetime. Your body will be ready to fight Corona as well as other ailments.

Ram N Kumar

CEO, NirogStreet & Ayurveda Expert

He is a proactive evangelist of Ayurveda whose aim is to make Ayurveda the first call of treatment

Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.