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National Panchkarma & Infertility Workshop

By NS Desk | Events and News | Posted on :   04-Feb-2020

Panchkarma & Infertility Workshop

New Delhi. Panchkarma is a unique concept of ayurveda capable of accomplishing detoxification and rejuvenation of the body. It works both as prophylaxis and therapy .

NASYA-National Ayurveda Students & Youth Association , along with its digital partner NirogStreet has organized a one day power packed workshop to hone the skills and learn directly from the master- Vd.Ramdas Avad.

This initiative is a confidence building exercise for the students & practitioners of Ayurveda- strengthening the roots. Presentation of simplified OPD panchkarma techniques will be the highlights of this workshop.

Focus will also be on the management of Infertility through Ayurveda. Dr.Avad will share his experience of 35 years from this platform.

Uttar Basti procedure is the domain of ayurveda ,and has multiplied benefits on the genitourinary system, will be discussed at length.

Another eminent speaker for role of Uttar basti in infertility will be Prof. Kamini Dhiman , HOD-All Institute of Ayurveda, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi.

Join us to Learn with NASYA & Grow with NASYA !!

Think Ayurveda, Think NiirogStreet !!

(For Registration Call 9891008498, 8800830305)

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