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Ayurveda Empowers Us Greatly, Say Women Practitioners

By NS Desk | Events and News | Posted on :   08-Mar-2018

‘Women are the real architects of society.’ – Cher

Women are the foundation of the world we live in. Without their active participation, dedication, and hard work, the whole idea of human progress would be lost to the sidelines. Whether it is the family, society, or nation, women have not only created them primarily but cared and nurtured them for so long as well. We believe that health and happiness in the society can only be achieved if the women of the society are healthy and happy.

March 8, 2018 is the International Women’s Day. It is the day to honor women who have been an inspiration for all us. It is the day to be grateful and thankful. It is the day to remember our pledge to respect, support, and encourage more and more women to become the pioneers and leaders in the progress of humankind. In Ayurveda too, as prof. tanuja nesari, (Director, All India Institute Of Ayurveda) said, women have contributed immensely and they are going to play an important role in making Ayurveda the first call of treatment.

On the occasion of women’s day 2018, Nirogstreet talked to a few inspirational women Ayurveda practitioners. Read what they said.

Dr. Reena Arora

“It is important for women to take care of themselves. Ayurveda helps women maintain their health through the right diet and lifestyle. Even in terms of beauty care, cosmetic surgery and other such things would never be required if you follow Ayurveda. I think women can be more empowered through Ayurveda. At every level, be it Schools, Colleges, Government Institutions, etc., We can create positions for women Ayurveda Doctors who would then be able to come out from their subjected cocoons and contribute toward the wellness of the society effectively.

Besides, there is a need for awareness in women about the Ayurvedic way of lifestyle, pregnancy, etc. This would contribute to their wellbeing and create a healthy society.

Today, women are progressing, but the equality should reach and benefit more and more women quickly. Men should participate as home makers which would ease off the burden and give women more spare time to evolve well. My message to all women is that they should use their discretion and shouldn’t comply too much to everything without applying their minds and hearts to it. Become constructive and remember that since you are a mother too, the health and betterment of your family begins with you first”, said Dr. Reena Arora, an experienced Ayurveda practitioner based out of Mukherjee Nagar, New Delhi.

dr. Sushmita Bajaj

Dr. Sushmita Bajaj, who has over 24 years of experience in Ayurveda and practices from her clinic Aravli Ayurvedic Clinic (Gurgaon) also voiced her opinion. She said that Ayurveda empowers everyone, however, since the whole family depends upon her, health of the woman is most significant. Women can easily contribute to making Ayurveda the first call of treatment since their faith in it would easily translate into the faith of other family members. Her decisions are important.

“Even as Ayurveda practitioners, women can more naturally understand the health problems of other women. Female patients are quite often shy and they wouldn’t clearly tell the male doctors about all their illnesses. Besides, in front of a Woman Doctor, they can cry and seek empathy too. It lightens them up since they can relate.”

“About women advancement in present times, i’d say it is great that women are making progress. Yet a lot more has to be done. They are enjoying their independence and that’s good, yet they have a responsibility to help other women who are yet dependent and helpless.”

Dr. Bajaj gave her message to the women on wellbeing: “Take good care of yourself, never postpone your health care, enjoy nature, use herbs and home remedies that are natural and beneficial, and be well.”

Dr. Preeti Chhabra

“women in India have always carried the essence of Ayurveda in their daily chores. Even as a homemaker, their kitchen is like a small pharmacy where various herbs. The way food is cooked, the ingredients that are used, the nutrition value of the food they prepare, etc. Are already somewhat a practice that she engages in to take care of the health of her family. You can easily imagine that even in the routine act of preparing meals, she is trying to keep you healthy; even her cuisine imbibes the essence of Ayurveda”, said Dr. Chhabra, a seasoned practitioner and the projects Convenor, Nasya.

Dr. Chhabra also stressed the importance of female practitioners. “Aahar, Vihar, and Aushadhi are the three dynamics of health in Ayurveda and since women understand both diet and family, two of the dynamics are already fulfilled which equals to more than 66% of the guidelines. Once a woman chooses her career as an Ayurveda practitioner, she has adhered to the three sutras completely. It is more than an achievement. Such a contribution is going to go a long way, ultimately building a healthy society. A woman’s role has huge magnitude even from Ayurveda’s perspective”, she said.

On women equality and self-independence, Dr. Chhabra remarked that society needs to be more supportive, and since women have innate qualities of multitasking, her potential should be realized in every field. She said she felt that women power is under-utilized and only partially harnessed. The women who are independent today are so because of their own choices and decisions. The society should help it become more automatic and natural.

“Whatever you do, give her 100% and best will happen. There’s a lot of potential in you and you should harness it in the best manner possible”, said Dr. Chhabra in her to the women on their wellbeing.

Dr. Rupali Panse

Dr. Rupali Panse is another highly experienced Ayurveda Doctor. She practices from her Aadyam Ayurved Clinic, Pune. She said that in the modern age when the diseases are becoming so rampant, being healthy is akin to being empowered. Prevention as laid down in Ayurveda is far better than cure. She urged the women to be more aware about Ayurveda and understand how it can help them in difficulties related to menses, prenatal and postnatal care, as well as in day to day life. They can be much better off if they know the right diet, lifestyle, and therapies they can seek to stay well.

“Women are the main vehicle of the family. If they have faith in Ayurveda, it benefits the family in great ways. The remedies start right from her kitchen, where there are so many herbs already in use, knowingly or unknowingly. It’d serve just better once they understand the Ayurvedic use of these herbs”, Dr. Panse said.

“I think we cannot compare one woman’s achievement with other’s. We would have to see if someone is happy with the work she does. Some women would be happy as a homemaker, while some would want a career for themselves. The point to understand here is whether we are giving something back to the society in whatever we do. The satisfaction of giving and a balanced share of responsibilities is the way to happiness and advancement. I’d like to give them the message, find yourself, be happy to the core, and cultivate values and give them to your children too”, she concluded.

Dr. Namrata Kulshrestha

“Women have their interest and faith in Ayurveda. As practitioners and students, women imbibe the values of Ayurveda comprehensively and this becomes beneficial on many levels, such as home, family and kids, and society.

It is important that awareness events which we do on local levels are more frequent and continued everywhere. The main challenge in making Ayurveda the first call of treatment is the lack of information. One empowered women Ayurveda leader means a whole family practicing healthy lifestyle and right diet.

I don’t think that enough women are self-independent yet, although they are becoming so faster than before. Until and unless they feel that independence in their consciousness too, inequality and the imbalance would continue to do the damage. I’d like to give the women the message, fulfill your responsibilities and roles, but do give yourself the time and care that you need. Revive, Rejuvenate, and take care of your health most importantly”, said Dr. Namrata Kulshrestha. she is an Ayurvedic Surgeon as well as the Zonal Coordinator of Nasya.

Dr. deepa Mishra

“This is the age of Ayurveda and this is the age of women. I’d urge the women to become more aware about Ayurveda. They should know how beneficial it can be in sorting out issues related to puberty, pregnancy, menopause, etc. Ayurveda will make them manage their health well and stay away from various illnesses.

It is a good thing that more women are studying and practicing Ayurveda. In fact, they should enter every field of Ayurveda, every specialty.

Rabindranath Tagore said a beautiful thing once that women make half of the world and remaining half is because of them. Women have been doing a tough job all the time as homemakers. It often goes unacknowledged too. Women Ayurveda practitioners are changing this status quo in their own way. They are helping people stay healthier and getting their own recognition and re-affirming their importance as equals. It is a great shift and Ayurveda is helping the cause as it has helped generations with its cures and wisdom.

If you talk about beauty care, Ayurveda can make much better contributions there too. And when it comes to empowering women, there is so much scope and potential. It can become the first call of treatment for the many blessings it can offer.

My message to the women is: your potential is not fully utilized. You are the most skilled species in the entire world. Recognize your worth and claim your wellness. Ayurveda will help you,” said Dr. Deepa Mishra, incharge & associate professor, Prasuti Tantra-Stri Rog, Ayurveda and Unani Tibbia College & Hospital.

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