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NASYA to Organize International Book of Records Event for Largest Class of Charak Samhita

By NS Desk | Events and News | Posted on :   13-Apr-2018

It is from the classic texts that the whole science of Ayurveda has been derived. National Ayurveda students & youth association (Nasya) is organizing a special event in collaboration with Vijnana Bharati to showcase the importance of these texts for every Ayurveda student and doctor, as well as for the people. On may 26th, next month, the event named international book of records for the largest class of charak samhita will be held at the Janakpuri Dilli Haat in New Delhi. It will be a unique and beholding day in the history of Ayurveda education as the traditional classroom will move to the venue for a day and Ayurveda experts will read and explain the texts as they do during their lecture class. Many eminent dignitaries and Ayurveda personalities are expected to attend this Ayurveda IBR event.

Recognizing the significance of this event, Nirogstreet approached prof. (dr.) k. s. dhiman, director general, ccras, for his comments. He expressed happiness that such an event is taking place. “A lot of interesting work is being done in elevating Ayurveda education and quality by the government organizations under the ministry of Ayush. In addition to that, some non-government organizations are actively working to promote awareness and understanding about everything Ayurveda. In this direction, Nasya has been taking exemplary initiatives and this lecture-and-discussion event is another one of those good steps. International book of records for the largest class of Charak Samhita is indeed a relevant and much needed exercise, so that students, practitioners, and society could recall the medical wisdom and science of this age-old medicine system. Imagine over 1,000 practitioners and students attending the event, listening to experts reading the great texts from the Samhita. Then there are lectures by some of the renowned Vaidyas from across the country, followed by open discussions. This is a brilliant concept to remind, motivate, and bring the community together so that the society benefits in a large way. CCRAS supports this event heartily”, he said.

IBR for the largest class of Charak Samhita is scheduled toward the weekend, i.e., Saturday. It will be easier for everyone to take some time out of their busy schedules. It will be a unique and enlightening learning and sharing experience of its kind. Presence of international book of records makes it just more historic. Huge participation of Ayurveda community and people in general is expected at the event.

“It is imperative for the students and practitioners not to get disconnected from the original texts and read them as much as they can. It will shape their understanding of Ayurveda just better and sprout new insights. The idea is also to sensitize the society through this event about the threat of lifestyle problems and non-communicable diseases, something that is becoming an epidemic. Ayurveda is the authentic health science that can help people stay away from such problems. It has a strong concept of prevention, as laid down in the classical texts: ‘Swaasthasya Swaasthya Rakshnam’. Practitioners and students should attend this event in large numbers.”, Prof. Dhiman added.

Registrations and queries related to the International Book Of Records for the largest class of Charak Samhita can be checked at Nasya India’s website.

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