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Why Is Psoriasis More Frequent In Winters?

By NS Desk | Diseases | Posted on :   21-Nov-2017


The redness and itchiness on any body part are generally considered a skin infection, however, at times the condition may be caused by a skin disease known as Psoriasis. Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease in which the rapid production of skin cells leads to the formation of a layer that looks like a rough patch. The affected area of skin becomes red, scaly, and itchy making it look dreadful. Psoriasis affects the skin and nails and generally, it occurs on elbows, knees, lower back, and scalp. There is no specific cause of Psoriasis. It can be due to any reason: skin burn or a cut, the side effect of any medicine or cosmetic cream, stress, alcohol consumption, or even genetic factors in some cases.

Rise of Psoriasis in winters

People with Psoriasis have to deal with many odd situations, they are looked upon with misery at home, office or any public place. The people consider it to be a contagious disease which, of course, It is not the condition of Psoriasis worsens in winters as the skin disorders get triggered up infrequently in winters. Such an onset is also called winter Psoriasis. The dryness of the air, less availability of sunlight and decrease in temperature works in the favor of Psoriasis. Therefore, the disease is more common in winters. Therefore, the people with Psoriasis have to be careful in choosing the winter clothing for them as well as follow some routine, like applying a moisturizer frequently, use of a humidifier, and so on. Nevertheless, these tips work as basic preventive care but it is very necessary to understand the roots of psoriasis to get a long-lasting treatment if the skin gets infected after all. The medicines available for Psoriasis treatment work on decreasing the infection and there are many cases wherein the people have to look up for various medicines, Psoriasis cream or shampoo, before finding the one which can be effective for them. The Ayurvedic cure for Psoriasis can be very useful for the patient who is struggling with the remedy they have tried.

Ayurvedic point of view of Psoriasis

According to our Ayurveda, the human body has three energies known as doshas - Vata, Kapha, and Pitta. Psoriasis arises because of imbalances in two Doshas; Vata and Kapha. These two doshas manifest in the skin and can cause the accumulation of toxins. These toxins accumulate in deeper tissues and contaminate them, which leads to Psoriasis. The Ayurvedic treatment for Psoriasis aims in training psoriasis from the roots. Therefore, the treatment is given in a way that tissues and blood are purified by removing the toxins and ensuring that there is proper digestion so that there is no accumulation of tissues.

Ayurvedic treatments:

The Ayurvedic treatment for Psoriasis mainly comprises of the inclusion of herbs, changes in diet as well as lifestyles and Panchakarma treatment.

  • Use of Herbs: The Ayurvedic herbs are given to the patients which helps in toning and strengthening the tissues.
  • Dietary advice - There certain food items that have to be restricted to minimize Psoriasis, food items such as acidic items, citrus foods, too salty foods, fermented foods, alcohol, fried foods, and many other items which lead to indigestion should be avoided.
  • Lifestyle changes - The Ayurvedic treatment lays emphasis on a healthy lifestyle and helps the person in stress management which is also one of the causes of Psoriasis
  • Panchakarma treatment - The Panchakarma treatment involves various therapies that help in detoxifying the body.

The Ayurvedic treatment for Psoriasis, if followed properly can prove to be highly effective.

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