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Ayurvedic Upaya For Knee Pain

By NS Desk | Diseases | Posted on :   20-Sep-2017

Knee Pain is a common complaint in people over 35 years of age. The wears and tears of the knees and inadequate consumption of calcium are two of the major reasons why this problem occurs. If you are suffering from Knee Pain and depend only on pain killers for relief, it is high time that you start using Ayurveda.

What causes Knee Pain?

As per Ayurveda, knee problems are caused primarily because of Vata. A sub-type of the Vata dosha, called Vyana Vata, is responsible for knee issues. The drying qualities of the Vyana Vata start to degenerate a sub-type of Kapha, called Shleshaka Kapha. This Kapha subtype keeps the joints lubricated and mobile. As the Kapha starts to dry and the bone nourishment is not achieved, knee problems start to appear.

A low bone density coupled with poor nourishment of the joints can be cited as another reason for Knee Pain. The degeneration of the bone can begin with crackling sounds in the joints while moving. Discomfort slowly aggravates and the joints become weak in the process. As the bone density lowers, the pain grows more and problems are created.

However, not all knee pain is caused solely because of bone issues. It could also be a result of toxic accumulations in the body. The ‘Ama’ toxins (which are created because of unhealthy digestion) slowly start to accumulate in various parts of the body. This type of knee problem is aggravated during winter and rainy seasons. The primary characteristic of this type of pain is stiffness in the joints. Swelling is also commonly experienced.

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How to minimize Knee Pain with Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic principles provide a deep insight into the working of the joints. when you visit an Ayurvedic Doctor, they would first decide the cause behind your troubles. Upon identification, your Prakriti will be judged and then you will be given a diet and medication schedule that suits your individual personality. However, the general rules of treatment are described below.

  • Vata induced Knee Pain

If the Knee Pain is induced because of the imbalance of Vyana Vata drying up the Shleshaka Kapha, then a Vata pacifying diet will work for you. You need to add all 6 tastes in your diet but the focus should be on sour and sweet foods. Quinoa is a perfect gain for you and amaranth could also be added in your diet. However, ensure that ghee becomes a part of your diet. Ghee will provide ample lubrication to the tissue. Therefore, consuming Ghee to pacify Vata disorders will be a good idea.

You must also consume organic milk, dark green leafy vegetables should also be added to your diet, and any kind of stimulating substances should be avoided, especially at night. Smoking, alcohol and even watching tv or using mobile while on the bed. You must also try to exercise but it should only be restricted to walks. a daily oil massage of the body will help in pacifying Vata.

  • Ama induced Knee Pain

There is more to Ama induced knee pain than an average person knows. The undigested waste ‘Ama’ can travel to the joints and accumulate there as Amavisha. This Amavisha then merges with the Shleshaka Kapha and creates a highly toxic substance known as Shleshma. It can cause stiffness and swelling in the joints leading to excessive pain.

Soups are the first aide to people suffering from Ama induced Knee Pain. Unbelievably, digestion is the key to correcting such a problem. You need to follow a desirable Ayurvedic Dincharya and sleep as early as possible. Again, walking is the perfect exercise but unlike the Vata induced Knee Pain, the walk should be brisk. Regular massage of the joints will help in improving the circulation and making the joints healthy.

  • Use of Ayurvedic herbs for Knee Pain

Ayurveda is 100% safe. It can help in reducing knee pain and eliminating it altogether while making the body stronger. Here are a few Ayurvedic herbs that will make the bones stronger and help you gain more endurance.


The use of Giloy can rejuvenate your joints. It will help in lessening pain and would also help in ensuring better endurance. In fact, Giloy is considered a good remedy for Rheumatoid Arthritis as well.


Guggul is a powerful rejuvenator. It can change the working of the cells from the inside out. It can even clear your lipid profile. Guggul is helpful in ama induced Knee Pain as it purifies and detoxifies the body and helps in problems related to digestion as well. It is an anti-oxidant because of which the cell degeneration will stop.


Dry Ginger is perfect for Ama induced Knee Pain. It reduces inflammation in the joints. You should be consuming Dry Ginger capsules to get maximum benefits from this amazing Ayurvedic wisdom. It will also help in making digestion regular and proper.

Ginger is also good for Vata induced pains. These were a few ways in which you would be able to get rid of Knee Pain. It is always good to talk to an Ayurvedic Doctor and get answers to all your knee pain related issues. Find a Doctor near you on nirogstreet.com.

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