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Does Eating High-Calorie Food Cause Diabetes?

By NS Desk | Diseases | Posted on :   13-Nov-2017

Diabetes can happen to anyone and in fact, it is dramatically raising in last few decades. According to world health organization, the number of Diabetic people will grow double in number by 2030. Now, it is taking more lives than aids and cancer. It makes curious to know and understand deep about Diabetes.

To understand this, let us be aware of the role of insulin in the body. Our body (pancreas) releases an insulin that turns the food into glucose. Insulin is the key that allows glucose to enter into cells and act as energy. Excess calorie intake may not completely convert into glucose and hence can result in increase in sugar level in the blood.


However, many misconceptions have risen among people with Diabetes that they can eat high-calorie food but regular exercise can prevent them from Diabetes. Also, eating low calorie or low sugar can always prevent them from Diabetes. Moreover, it is a genetic disease and can happen only to the person whose ancestors have been suffered from this disease. These are just myths according to Ayurveda Dr. Sunil Arya in Sector 14 Gurgaon. To clear all the misconceptions among people Dr. Sunil Arya has taken an initiative to promote the basic facts among people.

Here is the clarification “does eating high-calorie food cause diabetes”. As per the Doctor, eating high sugar food surely can cause Diabetes but there are other reasons that cause this disease rather than food.

Fact About Taking Calorific Food

Whether a person is taking a calorific food or not, it is not sure that they will suffer from glucose. Various conditions are responsible for this disease and it can happen to anyone. Metabolic activity, proper insulin secretion in blood and functionality of kidney is also responsible for diabetes as per Doctor Sunil Arya.

It is true that intake of high sugar food increases the sugar level in the blood. However, it is not the factor to know the blood sugar unless an expert checks it. Many of the Diabetic cases are due the genetics (one factor) and a viral or bacterial infection that triggers the Type-1 Diabetes. Moreover, the Type-2 Diabetes is also caused due to the genetics and get trigger in various factors such as obesity, age, processed food diet, high cholesterol, and sedentary lifestyle.

Role of Kidney in Diabetes

Kidney and its role have been decided for a long time and Diabetes has been referred as kidney disease. The basic meaning of Diabetes is the sweetness of urine. earlier, it was said that kidney was the victim of Diabetes; actually, it plays a major role in glucose homeostasis by absorbing, filtering, or excreting the glucose. It looks after the body against the huge variation in glucose supply and demand.

There are other inter-relation between Diabetes and Kidney:

• Kidney contributes 1/3 to ½ to the metabolic activity of the body and clearance of glucagon and insulin.

• The kidney affects insulin resistance and affected by it.

• Gluconeogenesis is a process done by the kidney and in some condition; it contributes to total glucose release in the body.

Blood glucose is controlled and regulated by many organs in the body but kidney contributes the major role. However, having a healthy diet and regular exercise can prevent from Type-2 Diabetes.

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