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Say Goodbye To Cervical Spondylitis With Ayurveda

By NS Desk | Diseases | Posted on :   20-Sep-2017

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Cervical spondylitis is a common condition that affects the movement of the neck and causes stiffness in the upper spinal region. Cervical spondylitis can affect anyone at any age. The muscles of the neck become stiff and weak in this case. Mostly, it is classified as either acute or chronic. Most people live with this pain throughout their lives with often physiotherapy sessions in between. However, natural care could be all that you may need when suffering from this condition. Let us look at what cervical spondylitis is and how natural methods can treat it.

Causes of Cervical spondylitis

Let us discuss some of the common causes of Cervical Spondylitis

  • Long working hours, especially on the computer
  • Reading while slouching
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Using thick pillows
  • Wrong posture, especially while sleeping
  • Slouching on the bed, sofa, etc while watching tv
  • Gastric troubles
  • Injury

Symptoms of Cervical Spondylitis

It is important to note that cervical spondylitis is a slowly developing condition, except in the case of an injury. It can remain dormant for 1-2 years before actually showing any symptoms. Discomfort in the neck region and pain can often be experienced. The common symptoms experienced by sufferers are:

  • Pain during neck movements
  • Stiffness of the neck
  • General discomfort around the neck region
  • Vertigo and headache induced by discomfort in the neck region
  • Acute pain in the neck which can travel up to the shoulders
  • Tingling sensation in both the hand often accompanies by numbness.
  • Both hands lose normal muscular strength and traveling becomes problematic with consistent pain

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Diagnosis of Cervical Spondylitis

Doctors prescribe MRI, C.T. Scan, and X-Ray to find out cervical spondylitis. However, these procedures are more helpful as muscular stiffness cannot be detected.


  • Avoid sitting in one position for too long
  • Move your body every few minutes. Take a walk or just stretch
  • Whether sitting or standing, make sure the body is straight. No slouching
  • Learn a few basic neck movements and do them every hour.
  • Do not use thick pillows
  • Steam affected area with a hot towel for instant relief
  • Ensure proper, relaxing sleep
  • Do not do yoga exercises that stretch the back or neck too much
  • Do oil massages regularly

Treatment of Cervical Spondylitis

Most people suffering from Cervical Spondylitis are seen lining up at a physiotherapist. The condition can lessen or aggravate depending on your lifestyle, posture, and the kind of treatment you get. Alternative treatments usually work the best in this case. This is because of the primary problem of muscular stiffness, that can be tackled directly.

You can visit an Ayurvedic physician for Karpooradi, Mustard, Mahanarayan and Sesame oil massages. These massage procedures when done properly and followed by steam, give effective relief. At home, you must steam the affected area with a hot towel twice a day. You must also do self-massages with oil. An Ayurveda center offers Griva Basti and Potli massage services as well. They are also effective for pain relief and muscular stiffness.

You must ensure that you do not use collars. If you do, focus on softer collars. Additionally, take adequate rest. Remember, you should not avoid any kind of stiffness or pain in this region and visit a doctor as soon as the first symptoms show.

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