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Behavioral Changes In Diabetes And Its Remedy

By NS Desk | Diseases | Posted on :   17-Nov-2017

Diabetes can be defined as a disease which is affecting the lives of millions of people. It has become a very common disease with the continuous increase in the number of diabetic people. Giving a thought to a question; why there is the rise of the number of people diagnosed with diabetes, the answer to this would be the lifestyle of people. The stress, tension, consuming fast food, less or no time for the exercise is some of the traits of the lifestyle. No doubt that this is the era of technology, everything around is machine operated; however, we are so used to operate the machines that we have considered our body also as a machine. This is the core reason for every health issue we face and certainly, Diabetes is one of them. Diabetes is a disease which is also said as a silent killer, If not treated well or taken care of, it may lead to various other health issues, high blood pressure, heart issues, vision problems are some of the problems which often troubles a Diabetic patient.

The Diabetic person has to monitor the level of sugar frequently so as to ensure that the level stays within the limits. The often checking of the sugar level requires pricking the finger to take out the blood. The monitoring of sugar and controlling the craving to eat something sweet is enough reasons for a Diabetic patient to get irritated. Hence these are often related to as behavior changes in a Diabetic person.

Understanding The Behavior Changes And Cure In The Ayurvedic Way

In Ayurveda, a healthy person is one who has a holistic union of mind, body, and spirit, every disease is thus defined by this approach. The body has three Doshas; Vata Dosha, Pitta Dosha, and Kapha Dosha. These Doshas must be present in proper balance to make the body function properly if anyone of these is vitiated it can lead to any disease and Diabetes is one of them. Diabetes is known as Madhumeha in Ayurveda and the stress is one of the major reasons for Diabetes as it creates the imbalance of Vata in the body.

Since Diabetes is a disease which remains for a lifetime of the person, it is mention as Yapay disease. The Diabetic person has to bear a lot of changes in his body as well as in lifestyle which often leads to mood swings, frustration or anger. The frequent intake of medicines to control the blood sugar level further adds to the worries of the Diabetic person. However any kind of worries, stress or tension will have a negative impact on the body.

The Ayurveda has a very handsome approach towards Diabetes. It does not consider the Diabetes as a disease so its treatment also has a different way. The Diabetic persons are not only given the medicines to control the sugar but the focus is made on their overall body. The exercise, yoga, healthy lifestyle and positive approach are included in the treatment of the diabetic person. The person is made to focus on the good things in his or her life so that the person doesn't take the stress of any kind. The treatment not only helps in controlling the sugar level but also keeps the Diabetic patient calm and happy.

So next time you meet a Diabetic person, do tell him about the Ayurvedic treatment.

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